5 Best American Made Grease Gun (2020 Top Picks & Reviews)

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Is there a garage or mechanic without a grease gun? If there is any, then, this is a significant risk taken too far. A grease gun is a must-have tool for the lubrication of some objects and pieces of machinery. You cannot do without it in many DIY projects.

As such, grease guns are a necessity in the house or garage. It is useful in the greasing of metal nuts and bearings for proper lubrication. It also helps some particular metal from getting rust.

Grease guns are available in hand pump and air pressure. There is a wide range of them to choose from. But making a choice can be a bit naughty. This is why this review is done. Read on as we make a review of the 5 best American made grease gun.

5 Best USA Made Grease Gun Comparison:




More Details

Model: GGP-001-190313

Weight: 3.5 pounds

Dimension: 15 x 5.6 x 2.6 inches


Model: S-3101

Weight: 3.4 pounds

Dimension: 15 x 28 x 3 inche

Model: LIN1162

Weight: 5.6 pounds

Dimension: 17.2 x 7.5 x 3 inches


Model: 1133

Weight: 3.4 pounds

Dimension: 5.4 x 16 x 2.8 inches

Model: LIN1134

Weight: 2.8 pounds

Dimension: 7.7 x 16.1 x 2.8 inches


The 5 Best American Made Grease Gun Review

1. Bravex Grease Gun, Heavy-Duty Pistol Grip Gun Set 14oz

Bravex grease gun is an upgrade of the old air pressure version. It prevents grease leakage. This grease gun packs 6000 PSI of pressure in a small gun. The metallic head case makes it a durable gun. It can go well with the steel-made canister. The product is sturdy enough to ensure that any accidental fall does not destroy it.

With the air bleeder valve, the gun removes air with ease ensuring that the gun is completely empty before it is filled. It comes with an 18-inch heavy reinforced flex hose alongside a coupler. This hose is able to reach difficult areas that the rigid hose cannot get to.

For precision, the 5.5 metal extension tube is built with a sharp nozzle that dispenses grease to the right places. The high-capacity battery is fantastic. The battery can last a whole duration of lubrication, and the powerful motor is so functional and efficient that it lubricates different types of machinery with ease.

It is super easy and comfortable to handle due to the rubber grip at the bottom of the canister. There is compatibility with 14-ounce grease canisters. The plunger at the base of the gun provides maximum pressure without the fear of leakages. This is the best manual grease gun.

Product Features:

  • Rubber grip – This is a grease gun for professional mechanics. It is refreshing to handle thereby eliminating hand fatigue.
  • Sturdy construction – The grease gun is solidly constructed. It will survive an accidental fall or drop.
  • Metallic case – The metallic case helps to add an extra layer of durability to the tool to make it rugged.
  • Smooth operation – The grease comes out smoothly without any difficulties any time the hand is compressed.
  • Long battery life – The battery life lasts for a long time. It can stand a session of lubrication.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Prevents leaks
  • 6000 PSI for maximum pressure
  • Comfortable rubber grip
  • Easy and safe to use


  • It is a bit bulky

The Milton (S-3101) Piston Grease Gun comes powerful with 7000 PSI maximum pressure. Its 18-inch long hose extension is flexible and capable of reaching narrow and limited areas.

There is a bonus 4-jaw best grease gun coupler with the package. This piston grease gun is easy to fill. It can be filled with either a 14-oz. Grease cartridge, bulk fill or dispenser / filler pumps.

It is an excellent solution for home garages, automobile, professional workshops, farming/agricultural, industrial and many other applications. The gun allows for one-handed use. It can be used either on high pressure or high volume just by moving the position of the handle.

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Product Features:

  • Flexible hose – 18-inch long and flexible hose can reach very tight and challenging areas for efficient lubrication.
  • Easy to adjust handle – The handle can easily be adjusted so you can choose between high pressure and high volume.
  • Lightweight – The gun is light in weight, making it easy for one-handed operation. This helps to eliminate the problem of fatigue of the hand.
  • Easy to fill – Filling is hassle-free. This can be done with bulk fill/filler pump or through the standard 14-ounce cartridges.
  • 7000 PSI – With 7000 PSI, the handgun has enough pressure to reach many areas in your automobile.


  • Easy to load
  • Serves high pressure and high volume purposes
  • Made from aluminium
  • The long hose is useful for hard-to-reach areas
  • Suitable for small and large projects


  • None

This air-operated grease gun is fully automatic. It is designed with a variable speed trigger that delivers a friendly grease flow control. The advanced design takes care of priming problems. With 6000 PSI maximum grease pressure, there is an unrestricted flow of grease to reach any areas.

It comes with a 30-inch high-pressure hose alongside the coupler and attachment clip for ease of use. This gun is built with continuous operation advantage.

This gun designed is with superior flow performance in mind. The filling can be done with grease cartridge or bulk loaded grease. It's the USA made grease gun.

Product Features:

  • Easy filling – Filling is easy and convenient. It can be done through suction, bulk or cartridge. Make use of standard cartridge.
  • Continuous operation – The grease gun is designed for uninterrupted grease flow for the complete lubrication of your components.
  • Ergonomic handle – Its design is ergonomic making it comfortable to handle without your hand going numb or fatigued.
  • 6000 PSI – The high-pressure hose with coupler come with high pressure to quickly lube points that need to be lubricated.
  • One-year warranty – The product comes with a warranty for peace of mind. This is an assurance of top-quality.


  • Ease of use
  • 6000 PSI
  • Comfortable handling
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy to access check valve


  • Air fitting is not universal

The heavy-equipment grease gun is an excellent lubrication tool for automotive, agricultural and industrial mechanics. The Lincoln grease gun is excellent for different applications. It is made to offer a lifetime of performance. It offers one-hand operation.

This grease gun includes an 18-inch whip hose and a 5-inch extension hose with a coupler. Its double-lip, non-slip follower helps in the elimination of grease bypass. It features a jam-proof toggle mechanism that helps to curb binding. The check valve is accessible, making it super easy to clean without the need to disassembly the gun.

With an extremely heavy follower spring, there is a guaranteed unhindered pumping action and positive priming to make greasing convenient. Lubrication bypass eliminated with the precision fit and hardened plunger. The follower rod locks are perfectly into the follower for a robust force prime.

The follower provides a superior seal allowing the gun to be easily loaded through the cartridge, suction or filler pump. It is compatible with standard size cartridge.

The variable-stroke and variable-pressure design help to enhance precise feeding of the gun. The hose thread that screws into the pump handle mechanism requires no taping. It seals perfectly.

Product Features:

  • Easy loading – Loading the gun is easy and convenient too. It can be loaded using the suction, cartridge or filler pump.
  • Rugged and durable – The rugged cast iron head provides strength and durability. It also helps to prevent leaks.
  • Jam-proof toggle mechanism – This feature is excellent at preventing binding or bending the plunger accidentally.
  • Accessible check valve – Cleaning is hassle-free with the accessible check valve. Cleaning can be done without removing the grease gun.
  • Comfortable handling – The gun is suitable to handle with just one-hand because it is lightweight.


  • Performance-driven designed gun
  • One-hand operation
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easily accessible check valve


  • Grease cartridges are not included

The Lincoln Lubrication 1134 packs in up to 7500 PSI. It is durable and performs better than Lincoln in 1133. The grease gun is able to withstand extreme conditions when lubricating due to its strong cast aluminium head and encased piston assembly. It is convenient to use.

Handling the gun is comfortable, and you can use it for hours nonstop without feeling numb. It comes with a unique pivot angle that can be adjusted for a better grip. The return mechanism is perfect, helping to minimize jamming. There is no grease leakage. Grease comes out smoothly without any interruptions even when the handle is pressed softly.

It comes with grease gun pressure gauge making it extremely easy for one-hand operation. The build quality of the Lincoln Lubrication 1134 is superb. The package includes 6-inch rigid hose and 18-inch whip hose with coupler. Accessibility to the check value is easy, making the gun simple to clean without disassembling the grease gun. The precision fit plunger dramatically helps to prevent the bypassing of lubricants. This is the best grease gun.

Product Features:

  • Easy to handle – This is a one-hand operation grease gun. The handle is comfortable to hold without experiencing fatigue.
  • Up to 7500 PSI – It packed with a lot of pressure to reach all the nooks and cranny of your parts with a maximum 7500 PSI.
  • Solid pipes – The rigid and whip hose give convenience no matter the hose used. With an 18-inch rigid hose, you can lubricate hard-to-reach areas with ease.
  • Rugged head casting – The head casting is rugged enough to prevent leaks whenever you are lubricating.
  • Jam-proof toggle mechanism – Jamming is reduced to the barest minimum with the jam-proof toggle mechanism which prevents binding or accidental bending of the plunger.


  • Easy to fill
  • Easy to clean
  • Prevents leaks
  • Strong build quality
  • Convenient handling


  • It can only be filled with standard 14oz cartridge.
  • It does not come with a storage case.

Buying Guide of USA Made Grease Gun

A grease gun is a useful tool, especially for mechanics and people who do a lot of DIY projects. People who do a lot of maintenance work place great value on a good grease gun.

The tool has multiple applications. It can be used for the lubrication of the car components, equipment and machinery in general.

But it is only quality and reliable tool that can do a perfect job. If you get yourself a wrong tool, it can make the situation very tedious for you.

Purchasing a grease gun can be a huge task, especially when there are plenty of inferior products out there. If you want to buy an American made grease gun, here is what you need to look out for.

Convenience and Ease

This is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. A grease gun does not need to be complicated. It should be easy to use.

That is the reason for using any device or tool in the very first place. You have first to figure out the type of work you want to use the grease gun for.

Once you find what you want to use it for, you then look for the gun that suits that application perfectly. Look for something portable. Large guns are not too comfortable to use. Choose battery-powered guns if you are a DIY person.


This is another important factor to look out for. There are conventional guns and high-end ones. It all depends on the type of work you want to do.

Their performance level varies. Quick loading time is a crucial benefit when it comes to performance. You will need to load the grease as fast as possible. If there is a delay in spraying the lubricant; as a result, jamming, then, there is a problem.

Loading Time

This is critical. The grease gun can either be loaded using a cartridge or by suction. The cartridge is the best way to load the grease gun because of its convenience. But it is a bit expensive than suction loading.

Old and new grease do not mix when using the cartridge method, but the suction method looks messier and less expensive, but it works as well.


It is always tough to choose one product as the best whenever we do a review. This is because all of the products that we have reviewed were done based on thorough researches.

All of the five best USA made grease guns are excellent products. Choosing one out of the five will be the right choice. They are all of the superb quality and made to last.

My all time favorite is Bravex Pistol Grip Grease Gun air operated grease gun. You can undoubtedly go with it. Comment below which grease gun your most favorite.


What is a grease gun?

Ans: A grease gun is a hand pump for forcing grease into nuts and bearing for their proper lubrication.

How is a grease gun powered?

Ans: Both electric and battery-powered grease guns’ release grease through their aperture from their mechanism while the air-powered grease gun or pneumatic ones’ release grease when compressed air is sent through the gun.

How to use a grease gun?

Ans: Loading the grease gun correct is the first thing you need to do. Firstly, disassemble the gun by removing the head from the barrel.

Next is to pull the T handle. As you secure the handle, then, insert the cartridge into it. Then, reattach the cap back to the barrel.

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