5 Best Staple Gun For Picture Framing (2021 Buyer’s Guide)

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There is no doubt a picture speaks more than words. But the way the picture is framed matters a lot. A picture with the best memories usually comes with the best framing to make it durable and beautiful.

Therefore, a quality staple gun is a must-have if you do a lot of picture framing. It should be part of your toolbox. The kind of staple gun that you buy could make or mar your job. This is why you need a stable gun that stands out from the crowd.

But choosing the best staple gun for picture framing is not a piece of cake, especially if you are a first-timer. Not to worry because we have got you covered in this article. Read on as we review the 5 best staple guns to enrich your picture framing.

What is a Staple Gun?

Staple guns are tools that are used to drive in metal staples into materials such as plastics, woods, or masonry. Some of its applications include picture framing, upholstery, carpeting, wiring, and others.


Logan 500-2 Dual Point Driver Elite

Brand: Logan

Weight: 1.54 pounds

Dimensions: 1.75 x 7.75 x 6.5 inches


Heavy Duty Chrome 3 Way Stapler

Brand: Tolsen

Weight: 1.32 pounds

Dimensions: 8.19 x 7.8 x 1.57 inches


Arrow T50ACD Corded Electric Staple Gun

Brand: Arrow

Weight: 3 pounds

Dimensions: 10.5 x 3.2 x 9.5 inches

5 Best Staple Gun for Picture Framing Reviews

1. Logan 500-2 Dual Point Driver Elite – Our Pick

Logan 500-2 Dual Point Driver Elite

Take the guesswork out of picture framing with the Logan 500-2 Dual Point Driver Elite. Logan Driver Elite drives flexible or rigid inserts into woods with ease. It provides pressure on different materials for a solid stapling.

With a rubber grip, the machine is comfortable to handle. The improved design is made to have 50% less grip force to drive in points with fewer efforts effectively.

When refilling, it’s recommended to use F53, F54, F55, and F56 points. It holds pictures securely in place. This tool makes framing a snap. Do not invest in substandard equipment that will make you look like an inexperienced picture frame maker.

Investing in the Logan 500-2 Dual Point Driver Elite is a long-term investment that will be worthwhile. The machine comes with tension adjustment for harder woods. This is a wonderful photo stapler machine.

Product Features:

Ease of handling – The ergonomic design makes the staple gun convenient to use. This helps to reduce fatigue.

Simple adjustment – To increase the pressure, the machine can be adjusted to have a perfect clip depth.

Easy to load – No technical ability is needed to load the staples. Just load and start stapling. It is that easy.

Dual points – The staple gun’s dual points make it ideal for professionals and DIYs because it uses rigid and flexible points.


  • Ease of use with less human strength.
  • Comfortable handling due to its rubber grip.
  • Jamming is reduced to the barest minimum.
  • Versatile and extremely sturdy.
  • Dual points advantage makes work easier.
  • Efficient and effective.
  • Easy to adjust clip setting.


  • Difficult to use on hard resin.
  • Not compatible with other points except F53, F54, F55, and F56.
  • Misfires a lot.

2. Surebonder 9600AK Pneumatic – Best Choice

Surebonder 9600AK Pneumatic

Make picture framing fun and exciting with the Surebonder 9600 AK Pneumatic. This is a perfect tool for DIY homeowners who love to frame pictures. This staple gun is super easy to use and helps you to complete your task in no time. It makes picture framing a lot of fun.

There are 6250 staples of different lengths such as 1/4inch, 5/16 inch, 3/8 inch, and 1/2 inch. These are the compatible staples for the Surebonder 9600AK Pneumatic. It is easy to carry with a convenient carrying case.

This staple gun is suitable for different applications such as carpet padding, cabinet back, screen door repair, and more. The framing staples are easy to load and use.

Product Feature:

6250 staples – The staple gun comes with 6250 staples in five different lengths for smooth operation.

Comfortable handle – Hand fatigue is reduced to the barest minimum with a good handle that makes every task easy.

Ease of use – It is super easy to use. It comes with operating instructions for convenient use.


  • Quick-release safety trigger.
  • It comes with accessories like staples.
  • Compact and powerful.


  • Air compressor not included in the package.

3. Heavy-Duty Chrome 3-Way Stapler Staple Gun Nailer – Also Great

Heavy-Duty Chrome 3-Way Stapler Staple Gun Nailer

When it comes to sheer power and effectiveness, the Heavy-Duty Chrome 3-Way Stapler Staple Gun Nailer is one of the best staple guns on the market. It makes picture framing very interesting due to its easy handling. It works like a nail gun but extremely lightweight.

Apart from picture framing, some of the other applications of the staple gun include the securing of artwork, glass and fixing the back of cardboard when framing. It is compatible with several types of staples, making it stress-free. All you need to do is to reload the staples and work continues.

The staple gun is made sturdy and durable. It’s constructed from carbon steel for strength and reliability. You cannot miss the staple gun no matter where it is kept because it is well yellow-coated for visibility.

Simply slide out the back to reload the cartridge with ease. For comfort and efficiency, the adjustable mechanism makes it easy to adjust the depth of the staple gun. The product comes with 200 pieces each of crown, u-shaped, brad nails. This is a perfect brad gun for picture framing.

Recommended compatible staples are ESCO 300, Arrow T18, Rapid 140, Rapid 28, and Arrow T50. The machine is perfect for picture frame corner staples.

Product Feature:

Durable construction – This staple is made to last for a long time. It is made of carbon steel to withstand any rigours.

Adjustable mechanism – With the adjustable mechanism, the depth of the staples can easily be adjusted to suit different applications.

Easy reload – Reloading cartridge is convenient and easy. Just slide out the back door and load with staples.


  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Comfortable to handle.
  • Made from high-quality carbon steel.
  • Sturdy and rugged.
  • Makes use of brad nails.
  • Compatible with many types of staples.


  • It jams sometimes.
  • Suitable for soft materials only.

4. Arrow Fastener T50ACD Corded Electric Staple Gun

Arrow Fastener T50ACD Corded Electric Staple Gun

When you want versatility, corded staple guns stand from the crowd. It can be used by the old and young. The cordless and electric stapler is efficient and easy to use. It is extremely lightweight and durable.

With the spiral-drive technology, the machine delivers maximum performance to make picture framing convenient and easy. Its reliability is better than traditional tools. The innovative design makes it apt for different applications and home use. This staple gun comes with a lot of power to perform well on vinyl materials.

It is recommended you buy the Arrow staples for compatibility. The machine makes use of 110 volts. This staple gun does not require too much strength. Just minimal strength will get the job done. This is a must-have for crafters. The picture frame joiner will serve you for many years and produce quality picture frames.

Product Feature:

Compact design – The compact design is sleek and makes it easy to handle. This helps to reduce hand fatigue.

Spiral-drive technology – Enough power is produced to accomplish different applications with the spiral-drive technology.

Consistent performance – The machine provides consistent performance which makes this tool ideal for various home improvement applications.


  • Powerful and efficient.
  • Delivers optimum performance.
  • Reliable and dependable.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Suitable for upholstery and general home use.


  • It won’t drive into hardwood.
  • It does not come with staples.
  • It does not use brad nails.
  • No carrying case.

5. Topec Staple Gun, 3-in-1 Manual Nail Gun with 1800 Staples

Topec Staple Gun, 3-in-1 Manual Nail Gun with 1800 Staples

The Topec Staple Gun built with carbon steel for sturdiness and durability. It is a worthy investment because of its rugged nature. Anytime the nail is stuck, you can easily pull down the binding switch and take out the nails for the nail gun can work effectively.

It comes with power adjustment to increase the pressure. Use the knob to increase the power to be in line with the toughness of the material you want to staple. This staple gun has 4-44 mm three different nails making it ideal for various applications such as picture framing, decoration, carpentry, furniture, fixing materials, and others.

It is capable of meeting different household DIY. With the non-slip matte handle, frictional resistance increased between the nail gun and the palm. This makes picture framing extremely easy and convenient. One great advantage of the nail gun is that it works in three ways. It supports D-type, U-type, and T-type manual staples.

In case you have a hard material to staple, it is advised to use heavy-duty staples which work on hardwood or fabric. You do not have to waste money buying staples because the package comes with 1800 staples.

When compared to the traditional pneumatic nail gun, the operation of this nail gun is convenient and straightforward. It can be used by teenagers, women, and the elderly to do manual DIY. This is a reliable picture frame point driver.

Product Feature:

Power adjustment – Pressure can be increased using the knob. Turning the knob increases the staple gun’s power to deliver more efficiently and effectively.

Fast clear jam – Jamming can be cleared with ease to increase efficiency. Pull down the binding switch and remove the stuck staples.

Sturdy construction – The staple gun is built sturdy and durable. It’s constructed from thick carbon steel for long-lasting use.


  • Labour-saving nail gun.
  • 3-way staples.
  • Easy clearance of jams.
  • Easy and straightforward to use.
  • Ideal for fastening, repairing and decorating.
  • Comes with an adjustment knob.
  • Made from thick carbon steel.


  • It is not compatible with 10.4mm T50 staples.
  • Ideal for very soft fabric or wood.
  • The nail gun jams sometimes.

How to Buy Picture Framing Staple Gun?

Staple guns are a must-have for DIY homeowners and enthusiasts. Choosing the best picture framing staple gun needs some insights.

Here are some of the things you must look out for to make an informed choice.

Anti-Jamming Mechanisms

Jamming is usual with many staple guns. But, in recent times, many manufacturers have introduced an anti-jamming feature into their products.

The anti-jamming mechanism helps to reduce stress and fatigue when using the staple gun. Even as most of the machines come with anti-jamming mechanism, the quality is not the same.

Strong anti-jamming mechanism of one thing you must look out for when purchasing a staple gun. One way to find out if the anti-jamming mechanism is of top quality is to read reviews online.

Reviews will let you know if the tool can withstand frequent jamming or not. Constant jamming can destroy a staple gun.

Nail Size Adjustments

Some staple guns make use of one or two nail types. This is not ideal if you want to use the gun for many years. There are times that you would like to use multiple nails for a particular application. As such, look for a staple gun that uses nails of different sizes.

But if you are just a DIY user, there is nothing wrong with settling with a gun that uses only one or two types of nails. As a professional, you need to go for a tool with a great deal of versatility.

Nail Depth Adjustments

Precision matters when you are nailing the material you are working on. For DIY people, this may not be important. However, it is a genuine concern for professionals. The depth of the nail is essential. Nails must penetrate deep enough for firmness.

Inconsistent penetration is capable of destroying the material, especially if it is the upholstery. It could also break the wood or any other materials. This is why it is essential to look for a staple gun with nail depth adjustments.

Many guns have different level of adjustments. Some adjustable guns have rotating knobs. Look for a gun with easy nail depth adjustments.

Swivel Tube

This relates to air-powered guns. It is a convenient feature that helps to prevent tangling between the connector and the tubes.

It also helps you to easily reach difficult areas if a swivel tube is stalled on the tool.

Source of Power

A staple gun has three sources of power – manual, electricity, and air. Choosing the right source of power will largely depend on the size of the projects you are handling.

DIY users that handle small-sized projects can go for the manual or electric staple gun. But large projects will require more power and consistency. This is where air-powered guns make a difference. Manual guns are inexpensive but require a lot of physical strength.

If you are prone to fatigue, a manual gun won’t be ideal for you. The best option for this category of people is to go for electric guns. Air-powered staple guns are the best in any situation. The only problem here is that they are expensive.

Ease of Use

Comfort is important when using a staple gun. The hand-grip and handle shape will help you to use the tool with ease. Anything short of this will most definitely bring you some discomfort.

There are guns that you can hold with both hands. This makes it extremely convenient to use. When you consider the ease of use, another thing to put into consideration is the weight of the gun.

The lighter the gun, the easier it is to use. Lighter guns are easier to control. In general, staple guns are made to be easy to use.

Though; air-powered ones may be a bit tough because of their power.


This should be a key consideration whenever you are contemplating of buying a staple gun. No one wants a tool that breaks down within a short period. All the five products we have reviewed above are of exceptional quality.

If you are not sure of the durability of the item, be sure it is made from carbon steel.


There are thousands of staple guns in the market. Many of them are inferior and do not last. It is quite difficult hard to find the best one for your needs.

However, we have covered some of the best staple guns for picture framing for you to make an informed choice. Take a look at our reviews; you will find a staple gun that perfectly meets your needs. My favorite is Surebonder 9600AK Pneumatic T-50 Type Stapler Kit.

The good thing about this review is that all the products are affordable, durable, reliable, comfortable, and safe to use.


How to secure the back of a picture frame?

Securing the back of a picture frame is something simple and straightforward, but not too many people know how to do this. Professionally, using paper or cardboard backing is more appropriate.
But if you must use paper or cardboard, you must ensure it is acid-free. Also, use acid-free tape to seal up the paper or cardboard backing.

How to carry or handle your picture frame?

Picture frames should be carried by the handle device which they are fitted with. It is not right to carry them by the framework. The handle device could be a string, cord, or wire. The danger of carrying picture frames by their frames, especially if they are larger picture frames is that the tape can easily get damaged, thereby breaking the seal.

How to clean picture frames?

Cleaning picture frames can be a bit complicated. Most of the photo frames, certificate frames, and picture frames are made of wooden frames and panes of glasses. Do not clean a picture frame with household cleaners that contain ammonia. Do not use solvents and abrasives.

What kind of glass can I use for my picture framing?

Many times, picture framing is finished with plain picture glass. But there are many better options though expensive. This includes Anti-Reflective (AR) and UV glasses. Consider using Anti-Reflective glass if you intend placing your picture frame close to a light source. UV glass protects against fading.

How do I have my photo framed?

This is a recurring question for people who want to frame their photos by themselves. Well, this question is why you need a professional to handle your picture framing. But if you intend to do it yourself, then, this question bothers more on the frame to use and the colors to choose. It must be noted that picture framing requires picture framing techniques.

Does using acid-free materials make any sense?

Using acid-free materials will save you a lot of stress in the long run. Acid-free materials prevent yellowing and contamination of pictures.
If you intend to preserve your picture with its original look and value, acid-free materials are a must. Materials that are not acid-free discolor your photos after some time.

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