6 Best Staple Gun For Small Hands (2023 Buying Guide)

The use of staple guns is versatile for the various surface and many projects. Best Staple Gun for small hands is a special product for particular users. Staple gun for small hands uses particularly different tasks accurately. A staple gun is a portable device, and use of this device on many more things.

We found lots of staple guns for small hands, but very few are the best on our list. We made a list of staple guns; our expert team decided WETOLS staple gun is the best choice for versatility and convenient use.

Wide range of staple guns in the market by price, level of task, and comfortability of use. When you have to need a specific staple gun for a particular task, you should check the features carefully.

So, we gather below some specific top-level products that are perfect for small hands. We tried to cover each feature of all products as an application function for the installation process.

Our Top 3 Picks


WETOLS Heavy Duty Staple Gun


Weight: 2.35 pounds

Dimensions: 9.7 x 6.6 x 1.7 inches


HAUSHOF Staple Gun Kit


Weight: 8.8 ounces

Dimensions: 7.09 x 1.06 x 3.54 inches


Arrow Fastener T50 Staple Gun

Brand: Arrow Fastener

Weight: 2.02 pounds

Dimensions: 11 x 3 x 2 inches

6 Best Staple Gun for Small Hands – Step by Step

Here we reviewed 6 staple guns for small hands. Lots of small hands in the market, so we used and tested some from them. We got a few that are good, and another all are crap. So we made a list and reviewed here the best products. So read the full review with buying guide and make the decision of what is the perfect staple gun for you.

1. WETOLS Heavy Duty Staple Gun & Remover

Good Side

Heavy-duty staple gun
Multi-functional in a single staple gun
Staple quick, clear facility
Easy installation with usability for all
Multiple-use facility

Not So Good Side

It may have jammed slightly

WETOLS staple gun is a versatile 3-in-1 staple gun for heavy-duty tasks. If you find a multi-functional staple, you can choose it without hesitation. It comes with Multi-Functional staple gun with variety use of an application. The pressure adjustable knob helps you to use multipurpose use of this staple gun. Thick carbon steel-made staple gun provides longevity of staple gun life.

3000 PCS variant shape staples include with this staple gun. Nails stuck in the staple gun is the most common experience for the staple gun. WETOLS has a metal drive channel that can remove stuck nails just by pulling down.

This staple gun is made by using thick carbon steel with spring-back impact technology. So it is straightforward to use and install. WETOLS staple gun is usable for any type of age or gender. You can use it for upholstery, decoration, furniture, or DIY.


Application Function- Multi-functional 3 in 1 application include.

Stuck Clearance- Quickly clear of a stuck nail in the staple gun.

Installation Process- Made of thick carbon so elementary and convenient for installation.

Accessories- 3000 Pcs different shape staples include.

Versatile Use- Ideal for multiple uses like upholstery and repairing anything.

2. HAUSHOF Staple Gun Kit for Small Hands

Good Side

Variant staple fit light-duty staple gun
Multi-functional, so no need to use a multi staple gun
Easier and quicker staple loading capacity
Maximum user comfortability
Safe storage for handling locked system

Not So Good Side

Operate tough sometimes

HAUSHOF light-duty staple gun kit is the light-duty staple gun. This staple gun fits with multiple staples. You can use ¼ inch (6 mm), 5/16 inch (8 mm), and 3/8 inch (10 mm). Also, you can use JT21 staples. You need to use variant staples for a different project. This light-duty staples gun comes from 800pc 5/16 inch staples from the seller. This staple gun allows multiple staples, so it is used for multi-function.

This staple gun has special advanced features for user comfort. An adjustable linear power curve made the staple gun more comfortable. Magazine release latch technology easier and quicker staple loading. The regular shape of the handle is accident prevented, so it’s safe. It has Handle lock technology, so it comes with an exact shape and can prevent an accident.


Variant Staple Fit- This staple gun fits 6mm/8mm/10mm with JT21 staples.

Multiple Function- It is multi staple fit, so you can use it for multi-function.

Versatile Design- It has a linear power curve with the magazine release latch that can give user comfortability.

Safe Storage- It has little storage space with a lock system that is very safe.

Accessories- Lots of accessories come with it.

3. Arrow Fastener T50 Staple Gun

Good Side

Steel is constructed, so it is stable
Interrupted for good continue working
Easy to watch staple
Easy to use for all generations
Various people are the user

Not So Good Side

Heavyweight stapler

Arrow Fastener T50 is a unique staple gun that is best-selling in the USA. It is all chrome, still, and housing made, so it’s very hardened. It has a jam-resistant mechanism that can smooth the user experience of this staple gun. A powerful coil spring is another great feature with a staple viewing window that makes the product best seller.

Most users of this staple gun are professionals and homeowners. The American blend functionality of this staple gun makes it more functional and dependable. You can use 6 T50 staples sizes within ¼ inch to 9/16 inch. Great uses for professional, general repair, upholstery, and light trim.


Heavy Constructed- It is steel-made 1500-degree furnace hardened. So it is heavily constructed.

Jam Resistant- Unique mechanism that can help adverse jam.

Compact Design- It has a compact design with staple viewing window.

Easy to Use- Comes with powerful coil spring. So easy to use for all generations.

Variant Activity- Useable for Repairs, Professional uses, light trim, etc.

4. Heavy Duty Staple Gun Kit with Remover

Good Side

Repair, decoration, and various tasks usable
Durable and heavy constructed so long-term usable
Different types of nail supported
Secure and convenient to use
Hand fatigue-free staple gun

Not So Good Side

A little bit hard to shoot

Staple gun with remove allows three in one manual staple like door type, T type, and U type. These staple guns are perfect for repair, upholstery, or quick fastening. It has a large steel column of 5.86 mm and a high-strength steel body with chrome polish.

This staple gun comes with a strong body with surface plating treatment. It is completely durable but not easy to damage and difficult to scratch rust.

You will get this staple gun with 2000 Pcs staple. The versatility of use and staple variation is the uniqueness of this staple gun. The ergonomic design of this staple gun makes it easier to use. The hand fitting holder makes it more comfortable, and it is also non-slip. It is a unique labor-saving staple gun with an in-depth adjustment knob. The top adjustment knob can fit the using material thickness.


Multi-Purpose Staple gun- Multipurpose staple gun using multi-type staples.

Steady and Durable- 5.68 mm large and chrome steel make fixed column staple gun. So, it is steady.

Different Nail Supported- Door type, T shape, and U shape nail supported staple gun.

Easy and Secure Staple- Hands fits and ergonomic design makes it an easy and secure staple.

Comfortable Use- Non-slip and hand labor savings, so it is very comfortable to use.

5. Small Hand Staple Gun Kit

Good Side

Usable on a variety of application
Different types of staples supported
Comfortable handle grip with a strong lock facility
Nail warning window with low staple view options
Rubber handle for reducing slip and friction

Not So Good Side

Staples fit issue

Hand staple gun kit is easy to use on a variety level of applications. Frequently you can use ¼ inch, 5/16 inch, and 3/8 inch staples in this stapler. A comfortable handle is essential for a staple gun, and it comes with grooved grip secured handle. This handle lock mechanism is easy with the fingertips. You can have stored this staple gun quickly and safely. It is completely wide range stapler with variant application use.

This staple gun is made from plastic, softwood, etc. substrate material, so it is heavily constructed. A low staple warning window is another great feature. You can check and inspect staples about sufficient or not. The staple magazine is latch makes so you can change staples convenient and fast.

The handle of this staple gun is covered by rubber, so it reduces slip and shooting accurately. Magazine in and out process with latch is very convenient for this staple gun.


Nail Suitability- Suitable staple gun with regular and JT21 staples supported.

Handle Comfortability- Easy to grip and handle comfortability.

Staple Warning- Staple warning window is very clear and easy to warn about low staple.

Handle Lock- Easy lock mechanism and handle lock makes it easy to store.

Quality- Rubber handle covered stable and a quality staple gun.

6. Milwaukee Crown Stapler

Good Side

Compatible and multiple staples supported design
Compact, easy handgrip design
Less hand fatigue for handgrip design
High productive staple gun
Accurate staple placement for its technology

Not So Good Side

Some staples need to be done after trying twice

Milwaukee 2447 is wide-range staple compatible staple gun. This staple gun is designed to drive any flat-type staple. You can use 3/8 inch, and that array substrates crown staples. These staples are compact design staples with 7.25-inch great length and 3-Pound weight. The compact, ergonomic design is straightforward to use. Convenient trigger design can reduce hand fatigue when you need more tasks at once.

Magazine design of these staples is awesome with easy viewing and replacing 1500 staples per charging. Accuracy of staple placement and high productivity is other great feature of this stapler. If you have faced lots of problems with the productivity you can choose this stapler.

The trigger design of this stapler is integrated sequential and contact actuation, so it helps increase productivity. This stapler is unbeatable for accurate stapling. Staple Leg Locating Arrow is another high feature for accurate staple placement.


Compatible Staple Gun- Compatible with all-range flat crown staples. Also, compatible with materials and substrates.

Hand Grip Design- Different from traditional staples. Easy to trigger and handgrip design with less hand fatigue.

Staple Capacity- Large slotted magazine that can have heavy staple capacity, and it can allow up to 1500 staples at once.

Staple Viewing- Easy staple viewing design that can provide warning easily for a low staple.

Accurate Staple- It has a staple leg locating arrow that can ensure accurate stapling.

Things to Consider When Buying Staple Gun for Small Hands

Source: youtube.com

A staple gun is portable, and its mobility is very sequenced than others. So, lots of considering your face when thinking about buying a staple gun. So we tried to cover all things to consider when choosing a staple gun for small hands. Below we will discuss the important things to consider when buying a functional and high-quality staple gun.


Since the durability of a staple gun is vital and urgent, please pay attention to it when buying. In fact, no one wants his staple gun to be useless or broken after just a few uses.

Therefore, we advise you to choose an advanced quality and durable staple gun. The durability of the staple gun depends on how to type the substrate material used in it. Plastic, cardboard, and softwood are used as a material for making staple guns, and they are usually a strength. Sometimes, you face a non-heavy-duty staple gun for making it low-quality material.

In this way, you will be able to do the work you need for a long time by using a staple gun. In this case, you can be sure about the durability of the product through the warranty given by the seller when you buy the product.

The power of staples

Check the performance of the staple gun before buying it. Basically, depending on what kind of work you want to do with a staple gun, choose that gun. In this case, if you want to do heavy, medium, or light type, i.e., all types of work with the same staple gun, then choose a high-power gun. After all, buy a staple gun that works great.

Staple Size

Which size staple gun is right for you depends largely on your job. It is impossible to do all kinds of nail work with the same size staple gun. In this case, must match the gun with the staple nail. Also, some guns are manual, while some guns are electric.

In that case, decide what type of gun to buy. There are some staple guns available in the market that will be able to adjust the size as per your need while working with them. You should check the size and availability when you buy the staple gun.


Since there are different sizes of staple guns available in the market, try to find the most ergonomic option. If you want to buy a staple gun for regular use, then make it comfortable for your hand. In this case, there are some staple guns available in the market which have rubber grips.

Basically, those guns are capable of ensuring stability, making your hands sweat while working with them. Also, such guns will be able to clean easily. Above all, you need to identify a product that is capable of providing you with great performance.

Other Considerations

Surely you don’t want to buy a gun that gets stuck frequently and gets stuck after a while of working. When buying a staple gun, make sure the gun has a jam-anti mechanism system. Also, make sure that the gun has features like a window, handle lock storage, and belt hook. You choose a staple gun that allows you to work through difficult areas easily.

Easy to use

If you are working on a small project, then there is no reason to worry about the effectiveness or usage of the staple gun. Conversely, if your project is relatively large, the gun must be comfortable. So, how to use the gun and how easy it is will depend on the size of your project.

Basically, you should choose a staple gun that will not feel tired even after a long time of use. Avoid guns that will cause pain in the hands at short intervals when working with triggers. Choose the type of staple gun you would feel comfortable working with.


What is the smallest staple size?

If you find the smallest staple by thickness, it would be 20-23 gauge thick, and medium-size would be 18-19 gauge. Generally, 4 ounces is a mini staple by weight and 2.3 x 2 x 1.2 inches in dimension.

What size does Staples my staple gun use?

When you find the size of the staple for the light-duty stapler. You can use variant-size staples for your staple gun. If you find heavy-duty, it will depend on a variety of staple sizes.

What size staples are perfect for upholstery?

Medium wire staple is perfect for upholstery, but it will depend on the fabric. 20-22-gauge size staples are common for upholstery.

Can I use a staple gun on plywood?

You can use staples on plywood like MDF, but it should be adjusted by Hi/Lo.


Various staple guns in the market right now. Staple size, durability, and using comfortability is the main consideration in selecting the best staple gun for small hands.

Everyone has their own choice of comfortability, hand size, and usability with good things and bad things about it. We’ve tested various staple guns on different surfaces, but WETOLS Staple Gun with Remover is recommended for small hands.

The staple gun market is competitive by pricing with a wide variety. Working areas and the surface is the most dependable things in choosing a staple gun. Light-duty, medium, and heavy-duty all need different types of staples and nails.

Hopefully, our depth review and competitive features with pros and cons help you to choose the right staple gun. So read the full review and go with the perfect product you need.

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