Best Chemical Guys Soap for Foam Cannon in 2023

Dirt and grime make your car look pale. So, cleaning your car once in a few days is a great practice. And a soap cannon plays a vital role in doing this job efficiently. But choosing a perfect soap can be a major problem in this regard.

In these dilemmas, brands like Chemical Guys come to help. ‘Chemical Guys Pink Super Suds Car Wash Soap’ is the best Chemical Guys soap for foam cannon that can help with your weekly car washes.


Chemical Guys CWS_402 Mr. Pink Super Suds

Brand: Chemical Guys

Weight: 1.1 pounds

Dimensions: 3.94 x 2.36 x 15.75 inches


Chemical Guys CWS_110 Snow Foam Car Wash Soap

Brand: Chemical Guys

Weight: 8 pounds

Dimensions: 11.81 x 4.88 x 7.87 inches


Chemical Guys CWS_101 Car Wash Soap

Brand: Chemical Guys

Weight: 9 pounds

Dimensions: 11.42 x 8.31 x 4.49 inches

The 4 Best Chemical Guys Soap for Foam Cannon

Chemical Guys is a world-renowned brand that makes the best quality car wash soaps. To make your choice more accessible, we have neatly picked four of the best soaps that Chemical Guys offer for foam cannons.

1. Chemical Guys CWS_402 Mr. Pink Super Suds

Why We Like It

Best cleaning soap solution
Plenty of versatility

To reduce the hassle of a weekly car maintenance wash, you cannot go wrong with this. It is the best car wash soap for weekly maintenance washes out in the market to make your life easier. Bundled with a Chemical Guys Foam Cannon, it provides a superior quality car wash.

Key Features:

Superior Cleansing- This soap removes dirt, grime, and debris from your car effortlessly and maintains a scratch-free shine. It adds detailing to the vehicle as well.

Advanced Technology- It is made from a blend of super-slick polymers with hyper surfactants to remove abrasive debris, leaving the car surface clean and shiny.

Versatile Soap- It works on any color of glossy and shiny paint, polished metal, rims, wheels, tires, and undercarriages without doing any damage to the surface.

Perfect pH- It is formulated with an ideal pH balance to ensure your car paints’ maximum safety. Moreover, it features a biodegradable formula.

Super Safe- This soap removes airborne contamination, industrial fallout, and pollution to protect wax coatings and sealants.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for the best foam cannon soap for a pressure washer, then this soap is probably the best you can get right now. It provides excellent value for the price you will be paying. Plus, the versatility it offers is unmatched in the current market.

2. Chemical Guys Honeydew CWS_110 Snow Foam Car Wash Soap

Why We Like It

Billions of scrubbing bubbles
Advanced technology
Gives show-winning shine

If we jump into the Chemical Guys soap comparison, undoubtedly, the best all-rounder award will go to this soap solution. It works with any car wash foam gun for a garden hose and creates a thick foam for better cleansing.

Key Features:

Slick and Gentle- ‘Rough to the grime and gentle to the car skin’ is the best way this soap can be described. It provides a super slick and gentle wash to your vehicle.

Powerful Hyper Surfactants- It cuts through the specks of dirt and removes them from sensitive automobile paintwork without harm.

High Suds- The use of advanced technology enables this soap to create billions of high-scrub bubbles and delivers better cleaning ability.

No Residue- This soap rinses clean with ease leaving no residue or footprint behind, providing an effortless cleaning experience for you.

Balanced Formula- The balanced pH and biodegradable formula of this soap is something you can trust blindly. It makes sure that the wax coating and sealant remain intact after washing.

Our Verdict

This soap is a perfect choice for high suds cleaning. This can be easily crowned as the best foam cannon soap for mud removal from your vehicle. It has a fresh smell that can make you feel lively while washing.

3. Chemical Guys CWS_101 Car Wash Soap and Shampoo

Why We Like It

Top class detailing
Gentle cleaning of tough dirt
Incredible cherry scent

Why don’t you go with this car wash soap that provides a maximum of suds? When it is bundled with any car wash foam gun for a garden hose, this car wash soap works great. It has a low foam cannon soap ratio, making it one of the best cost-efficient choices.

Key Features:

Maximum Suds- As the name suggests, this soap is a monster for creating suds. The higher the amount of suds, the better the cleaning experience.

Great Detailing- It has one of the best-detailing abilities in this segment. It is specially formulated to achieve the best-detailing result.

Rinses Clean- This high-performance soap rinses clean without leaving any spot or footprint. The mountain of slick suds it produces helps to achieve this.

Safe- It does not behave like a low-quality cleaner and degreaser. It is safe for wax coating and sealant. Also, the soap is biodegradable.

Cost-efficient- It only takes 1-3 ounces of Maxi Suds II in a foam gun or foam cannon for added foam and slick washing power.

Our Verdict

Chemical Guys CWS_101 Maxi-Suds II is a very capable soap for foam cannons that comes with a certain versatility. It can be used with a foam gun without a pressure washer as well as for bucket wash. It works on almost every surface without any sort of damage.

4. Chemical Guys Citrus CWS_301 Gloss Concentrated Car Wash Soap

Why We Like It

All-natural citrus formula
Special gloss enhancing agent
An incredible amount of suds

The last one on our list is another excellent Chemical Guys foam soap that we can recommend with our eyes closed. It is an enhanced power cleaning soap that has a very respectable amount of foaming capabilities.

Key Features:

Natural Citrus Power- This very capable soap features citrus cleansers. The power of citrus deals with dirt, grime, and debris effectively, leaving a glossy and shiny finish on the surface.

Impeccable Foaming- It is formulated to deliver attractive foaming suds with any foam gun or foam cannon type. It creates ultra-thick, bubbly foam with the aim of deep cleansing.

Gloss Enhancing- It features an incredible gloss-enhancing agent that restores the vehicle’s newly waxed look. It provides gloss, which turns heads in the street.

No Damage- The all-natural citrus formula has an optimum pH level. So, it is entirely safe for wax coating and sealants.

Biodegradable Formula- It outperforms hazardous surface cleaners and solvent shampoos with its unique and biodegradable formula. So, it is eco-friendly as well.

Our Verdict

It is one of the unique soaps for foam cannons. The citrus formula provides it with adequate strength to fight dust, dirt, grime, and debris very easily. It is sorted after for its excellent shining ability. The thick and bubbly foam does an outstanding job of deep cleansing.

Factors to Consider While Buying Soap for Foam Cannon

Image: maxshine_harry / Instagram

There are tons of options to choose from in the market. But we want you to have the best soap that your valuable money can buy. So, we have put together some factors that you should consider while buying soap for your foam cannon.

Foaming Quantity

Ensuring that the soap you are buying can produce tons of suds is very important. Suds separate the dirt particles from the car surface without needing to scrub. If the soap creates enough suds, then you can just rinse the dirt off with water.


Newer technologies are being included in the soap manufacturing process. Soaps with newer and advanced technologies outperform the previously available soaps.

pH Level

An imbalance in the pH level of soap can damage your car paint, wax, and sealant. A balanced formula with a bit of alkalinity should serve the best.


Saving our environment is our duty. After the wash, the soap ends up in the drains and eventually gets released into the environment, one should always choose bio-degradable soap for foam cannon.

Value for the Price

The lower the concentration required, the best value the soap serves. So, while buying soap, the required concentration for the best performance should be checked.


Is a dedicated soap for foam cannon necessary?

Yes, absolutely. Or else, you will not get the required amount of suds to make it clean, glossy, and shiny.

Is Chemical Guy’s soap worth it?

Chemical Guys produce industry-leading best soap for foam cannons. It is completely worth it. Give Chemical Guys a try. You would not regret it.

Can I use these soaps on polished aluminum?

Yes, these soaps are safe to use on polished aluminum. These soaps have a perfect pH level that does not do any harm to polished metal.


Now you have a clear idea about how to choose soap and the top Chemical Guys soap for foam cannon that you can get. We recommend ‘Chemical Guys CWS_402 Mr. Pink Super Suds’ for your weekly use, but you can go with any of the above. So, sit back and order now. Good luck with your purchase.

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