What is a Random Orbital Sander Used for?

Sanding various surfaces is an essential step while working with different materials because this gives your crafts a flawless, smooth, and perfect finish. Using regular sandpaper is time-consuming and tiring, while a random orbital sander can be a game-changer.

If you are here to learn everything about what is a random orbital sander used for, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will cover all the versatile uses of an orbital sander.

Uses of a Random Orbital Sander

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It is a portable power tool that rotates in a particular motion and sands any surface for a flawless look. Between random orbital vs. orbital, Random is much more efficient because it works by circular rotation and forward and backward. 

  • Primarily, it is used for paint removal from wood and walls. Because unless you remove the paint entirely, you can’t repaint it with a smooth texture.
  • You can use an orbital sander for the finishing job after applying a coating on furniture and other household items. Unlike a rotary sander, it also vibrates while rotating, which ensures a polished coating.
  • It works like a da sander for auto bodywork necessary for maintaining and repairing a car. Generally, a da sander stands for dual action sander; these are versatile tools due to their varying sizes and usability.
  • This sander rotates, making circles on the surface, these circles overlap, so there remains no chance of missing any area on the surface. As a result, you can maintain the highest accuracy, almost like an air orbital sander.
  • While molding ferrous and non-ferrous metals, random orbital sanders can do wonders. They are popular among artisans for doing molding works with the required accuracy and precision.

Why You Should Have a Random Orbital Sander

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If you are not familiar with a random, you might think of it as a regular electric sander. But actually, it is more versatile than you think.

  1. Though these sanders create overlapping circles, they ensure that the sandpaper does not go on repeated paths and over-sand the surface. Thus, preventing the unwanted scratches that occur due to over-sanding.
  2. Vibrates the sandpaper to give you a perfect finish, even for aggressive and rough metal surfaces.
  3. There are a ton of different brands which manufacture some unique sander tools. Among them, the Makita and the DeWalt are more popular for being user-friendly and portable. They also allow you to adjust the speed of the sanding pad.
  4. If you are confused between an orbital sander and vs. a sheet sander, let me tell you that these sanders use sanding discs, which are more efficient than the regular sandpaper of sheet sanders.
  5. Random orbital sanders can spin several times faster than regular electric sanders. You can get your work done in a short time without compromising the accuracy of your work.


Whether you are working on a personal DIY project or any professional task, random is a must-have tool for transforming all the rough and uneven edges into a flawless surface.

After learning about random orbital sander, you would use the tool in the most efficient way possible.


At which point the random orbital sander differs from the orbital sander?

An orbital sander can’t move back and forth like a random orbital sander. It only rotates in a circular motion.

Which sand disk works better for random orbital sanders?

Mesh sand discs are better for random orbital sanders because they help the dust collection bag to collect dust while sanding any material.

Which is better random orbital sander vs. belt sander?

For finishing all types of rough edges, nothing is better than random orbital sanders. But belt sanders are mostly suitable for heavy-duty sanding.

Can random orbital sander sand all types of materials?

Almost every surface is suitable for using a random orbital sander. But wood, plastic, and metal are preferable.

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