How To Use A Grease Gun (The Beginner’s Guide)

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Using a grease gun for the first time may seem a little messy, but once you start using it, it will become quite easy. Your machinery needs grease to operate efficiently. Without greases, it is pretty painful for repairing work.

A grease gun lubricates your machinery parts properly. Without knowing how to use a grease gun, you can neither lubricate your machinery parts nor improve their efficiency. It will help you to understand how does grease gun work.

Relax, we are not going to talk about some complex processes that you will need much time to understand. On top of that, we will provide some simple, uncomplicated, and beneficial tips for capturing an optimal performance from your grease gun.

How do you Use a Grease Gun for the First Time?

First, make sure you know what kind of grease gun you hold. There are some auto grease guns, while others work manually. But they have a similar mechanism. There are four types of grease gun:

Manual Grease Gun

This type of grease is one of the most popular that works automatically. To receive sufficient pressure in your grease gun, the lever should be tugged properly so that the grease comes out effortlessly through the nozzle.

Battery-operated Grease Gun

You can use this type of grease gun without cord. They are mainly battery-powered grease gun which requires charge before using it.

Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Though pistol grip grease guns are like lever type, they have additional pistol grip to hold it firmly and pump the grease out.

Air-powered Grease Gun

It is one of the highest standard professional grease guns used, especially in large companies. This type of grease gun doesn’t require any physical necessity of pumping. It is one of the USA-made grease gun.

But they are highly expensive. No matter which type of grease gun you use, it won’t take much time to understand it and use it. We are moving forward, step by step, to know how to use it easily.

Loading the Grease Gun

It is important to know how to load a grease gun without a cartridge or with the cartridge so that you can use it properly.

  • At first, the gun should behold firmly when you remove the cap from its barrel. You must go through until you touch the rod handle.
  • Then lock the rod handle by pulling it. Now you will notice the place where the grease is saved inside the tube. It is known as a cartridge.
  • Put the cartridge into the barrel after refilling the cartridge with grease. It is better to clean the tube after withdrawn the old cartridge. Make sure that you must push the cartridge properly so that the rim contact with the gun.
  • Next, you need to keep the barrel slightly loose when you reinstall it. Now, release the rod handle by turning it out from the end cap. Make sure to give enough pressure so that the grease can come out quickly through the tube. Hence, the rod handle needs to be depressed. When you press down the holder of the gun, the grease will come out at the front surface of the gun.
  • You can test the grease gun by pumping a tiny quantity of grease through the nozzle. Make sure to clean the grease that came out while testing before reattaching the nozzle.
  • Now, it is time to shut the head that you opened previously. Force out the air by pushing down the air bleeder. You will notice a stable pressure once the air is released. Make sure to locate the gun coupler at the end of the hose to grease the correct spot you want.
  • At last, try to put grease on your machinery by pumping the lever handle properly. Is your grease gun not working smoothly even after following all the steps? Then you should check whether you have skipped any step.

How to Apply the Grease?

Your task already half-completed once you applied grease correctly on a specific spot. First, you need to set a target on where you will put the grease. Because it is better not to apply grease all the machinery parts except the targeted areas. It will boost up your efficiency in using the grease.

Make sure to check whether your grease is working correctly or not. When your grease gun works smoothly, you can operate your machine efficiently. You can easily grease the targeted locations by attaching the tube to the gun’s head if the places are not hard to reach.

The long hose will help you to reach hard spots easily. You must have an idea of how much grease you need to apply to a targeted location and give pressure as per the requirement. Now, tug the lever or trigger handle after providing an adequate amount of pressure.

Moreover, you can grease inside the machine using a gun’s piston at the end of the gun barrel. Most of the professionals in garages and workshops use air-filled grease guns since they are easy to use. Plus, the greasing session becomes smoother and steadier when you use both the hose and compressed air.

On the other hand, if you use a battery functioning grease gun, you need to make sure your gun has enough charge to operate smoothly, and at the same time, you should be attentive enough about maintaining the time to flow a specified amount of grease.

Grease Gun Tips for Easy Maintenance

You may face some problems while operating your grease guns. Here are some excellent grease gun tips that are recommended by our experts.

Clean Fitting

Make sure the fitting is completely clean. You can take suggestions from experts on how much grease you need to apply on your wheel bearings.

Don’t Mix Up

Don’t make the mistake of combining your old grease with the new grease. Different lubricants are compatible with different grease guns. So, make sure to clean your old grease thoroughly before loading the new grease.

Don’t Tight Too Much

Avoid tightening the grease gun’s head excessively. Because it may destroy bearing shields and leads to function failure.

Double-check the Fitting First

Before using the grease gun, you should double-check the fitting fast. It will help you to know whether it is damaged or remained in good condition.

Clean the Gun After Every Use

Make sure to clean your grease gun after every use to sustain its lifespan. Plus, you will a trouble-free experience while using the gun next time.

Flammable Lubricants

Many lubricants are flammable, and they are prone to fire. So, if you have any flammable lubricant, you must keep away yourself and your machinery from fire while working.


Lubricating is an essential job for your machinery. Because you can’t expect them to work unless you provide grease inside the moving parts from time to time. It also increases the lifespan of your vehicles.

A grease gun is an important tool in which you will see most of the automobile shops. It is crucial to know how to use a grease gun for pouring the lubricant into your machinery in the correct amount and efficient way. It will improve your skill, accuracy, and efficiency of using grease guns.

Hopefully, now you have a clear view to use your grease gun properly. And, we are also sure that you won’t find any difficulty while operating your grease gun. So pick the best grease gun based on your needs and start using it.


How to use grease gun on a zerk?

When you use a grease gun on a zerk, it becomes more efficient. Make sure the hose remains in good condition to prevent undesirable circumstances. Apart from these, all the steps are the same, which we have already mentioned above.

How much pressure you can obtain from a grease gun while using it?

Grease guns can generate a maximum of 15,000 psi per shot. However, it is quite hard to cross even 500 psi as most of the bearing lip seals are incapable of exceeding this pressure. It is because these guns can produce remarkable pressure that can blow out a protective seal.

How much grease did you require in a grease gun while pumping each time?

Three grams is the ideal quantity of grease that comes out per pump. But it can be more or less based on the size and lifespan of the gun.

Is it necessary to use a glass while working with a grease gun?

Wearing gloves is an essential task before lubricating your machinery. But wearing glass is optional. You can wear them if you think you need them, especially for stressful works.

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