How To Load A Staple Gun (The Ultimate Guide)

At different times we need to repair furniture or other soft things. If you have a staple gun at hand, then you will be able to repair the things you need immediately.

Typically, using a staple gun, you can effectively repair plastic, wood, soft things, or any furniture. In this case, many people do not know the process of loading this staple gun, so it may seem a hassle to use it.

For the convenience of those who want to know about the loading process of a staple gun, in this article, we will discuss how you load a stapler. It is a handheld machine, so it is especially suitable for repairing your plastic, wood, furniture, or any soft project. In this case, many mistakenly think of the staple gun as a stapler.

Basically, the working style of a staple gun and a stapler is entirely different. Also, it is a completely different activity and loading process for two instruments.

Different Types of Staple Guns

Usually, there are three types of handheld staple guns according to the type of work, such as manual staple guns, electric staple guns, and air staple guns. Below I will describe the effectiveness of these three guns.

1. Manual Staple Gun

A Manual Staple Gun /

In general, the manual staple gun is the most familiar to everyone because most people feel comfortable using this gun. For example, there are very few homes where you will not find a manual staple gun. How easily you will be able to work with these guns depends on your hard work.

Basically, this staple gun goes through spring. This staple is especially effective for holding the things you need by compressing the trigger of the gun while working with it. Since it is a traditional staple gun, you will be able to fasten it tightly through use.

2. Electric Staple Gun

Electric Staple Gun /

Since it is an electric staple gun, it runs on electricity. Basically, these staple guns will be able to run on batteries and direct electricity. In general, these electric staple guns can provide more leanness than manual staple guns. This will allow you to work on your project in less time.

It does not require any force to use and is completely hassle-free. Also, the staple gun is capable of firing at a higher rate, which is much, much faster than other guns. The main advantage of an electric staple gun is that it makes your job easier.

3. Air Staple Gun

An Air Staple Gun /

Basically, this air staple gun is capable of firing bullets using compressed air. That air staple gun is especially useful for applying strong inclination. Are you looking for a staple gun that can do heavy work easily? If so, you can count on that air staple gun. In general, this powerful air staple gun is easier to maintain than an electric staple gun.

This allows you to expend great energy. With this type of air staple gun, you can work with all types of light, medium, and heavy staplers. This is best for all types of work related to your stapler. Remember, avoid it if you want to use it at home on a daily basis. Otherwise, if you want to use it for professional work, feel free to rely on it.

How to Load Staple Gun in Quick Way

The loading process of the three main types of staple guns is somewhat different. Below we will discuss how to load staple guns in a very short time and in an easy way. Hopefully, by following the procedure below, you will be able to load your staple gun effortlessly.

Manual and Electric Staple Gun Loading Process

In general, you will be able to load manual and electric staple guns by following the same procedure. In this case, hold it while loading so that the exit point of the staple gun moves away from your hand. To unhook the pushrod at the bottom of those guns, pull it fully after pushing.

Then, arrange for the pins to come out. Next, put the pusher rod back in place. If you follow the procedure above, then your manual and electric staple guns have already been loaded. These loaded guns are now fully ready for use.

Air Staple Gun Loading Process

The process of loading the air staple gun is a bit different. Basically, it is available to load the gun in two separate processes. These air staple guns may have a loading system above or below them. If the loading system of the air staple gun is at the bottom, follow the loading process of the manual and electric staple guns.

In this case, you will be able to load your air staple gun in the same process. Conversely, if the loading system of the air staple gun is at the top, notice that it contains a portion of the loaded biometric.

Basically, the followers it has to attach to the magazine will help to press against the staples. Next, pull backward to reveal the rails that follow the bottom of where the staples are. When the loading is complete, fill out the magazine and gently publish it to the follower. At this stage, your air staple gun is fully ready for use.

How to Choose the Best Staple Gun?

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Are you worried about what kind of staple gun to choose to repair your furniture? In general, there is no reason to worry about choosing a staple gun that suits your type of work. Use a mechanical staple gun if you need the equipment for any furniture or other upholstery in your home. Since the different types of furniture in the house are soft in nature, the mechanical staple gun is especially suitable for them.

Also, be sure about the type of staple gun you are using. Generally, electric staple guns are very powerful, so use them in any work. In this case, make sure there is no loose air anywhere when working with the electric staple gun. Before loading a staple gun, make sure it is the right size. Use a high-quality staple gun if you want to do your repair work perfectly.

The air staple gun is best for any heavy work or professional use. There may be a need for manual guns as well as electric and air staple guns. So, to get rid of any kind of accident, first of all, ensure your own safety.

Use of Staple Guns

Each staple gun applies a certain pressure depending on your work. In this case, there is a need for less pressure for light work and more pressure for heavy work. Basically, that particular staple gun is capable of applying pressure for each individual task.

In this case, you can easily control the manual staple guns because they specify your work. So, use this tool in projects where subtle and perfect work is of utmost importance. Using the manual staple gun, you will be able to install wood, art, DIY projects, flyers, and repair small houses.

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Conversely, your electric staple guns are capable of firing multiple rounds simultaneously. In general, this powerful staple gun is especially useful for doing light wire work, including repairing your home. Avoid this staple gun if you want to do accurate and fine work. You will be able to use it to repair your upholstery, carpeting, woodwork, etc.

If you need a staple gun for heavy work, be sure to use it. These air staples are very effective, so there is less risk of bending out of shape. Also, using it, you will be able to penetrate the surface very strongly. Since it is more efficient than other staple guns, it provides a higher capacity to bond all construction materials.


How do you load a staple gun?

You press the magazine clip to load the staple gun and pull out the previous magazine. Then, successfully load a filling magazine into that staple gun.

Can a staple gun go through the wood?

Yes, these staple guns are able to work effectively on wood.

Why is my staple gun not working?

Usually, it doesn’t work when any part of your staple gun is useless or worn out.


Choose the manual, electric, or pneumatic staple gun according to your needs. Use a functional staple gun to repair any of your furnishings. Also, for your convenience, we have already discussed in detail above how to load a staple gun. Since the loading process of those staple guns is different, load them through the appropriate process.

Basically, we recommend you use a comfortable staple gun to repair the things you need. Hopefully, by following this article, you will be able to load staple guns properly and safely.

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