How To Load A Porter Cable Nail Gun?

Generally, many people use hammers for small tasks. If you use a hammer, you risk ruining the beauty of your project. So, now almost everyone wants to use a nail gun to provide the perfect finish. If you manage the nailing process using this powerful tool, you will save your time and effort.

It is essential to know the beginning and end of the tool for easy nailing. For everyone’s convenience, we will highlight how to load a porter cable nail gun in stages.

Basically, with a porter-cable nail gun, you will be able to get two types of finish nail services. For example, the normal length of a simple nail is 2-1 / 2 inches and up to 16-gauge.

Conversely, the length of a large driver angled porter cable nailer can be up to a maximum of 15-gauge. Generally, each nail can ensure the maximum holding capacity of up to 100 nails in the magazine of that nail after it is fully loaded.

How Do You Load a Porter Cable Nailer?

Below we will highlight the methods to load a porter cable nail gun quickly. You will be able to load your nail gun very soon if you follow the following procedures. If you can load in the fitting process, you will handle the task in a short time.

1. Confirm the location of the magazine and nail

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It has a clip to load the porter cable nail gun. Then, the sleeve attached to the nail gun naturally points directly toward the barrel. Also, most angle nailers have a sleeve at the corner that helps you set goals.

If you want to fit the nail gun in the right way, then the need to find the right clip is immense. Next, make sure that the trigger of the nail gun is active. Everyone expects their nail gun to hold the nails firmly.

Therefore, for those who are not aware of the trigger of a nail gun, it is almost impossible to get the expected results. Also, make sure that the nail gun is entirely unobstructed and no magazine in the gun.

2. Maintain the compatibility of the gun with the handle

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Place the clip in line with the sleeve of the gun. In this way, there will be no difficulty tilting the head of the nail towards the gun’s back. Also, immediately make sure that the nails are suitable for running parallel to the barrel of your gun.

When loading, keep the nose of the nail gun at a safe distance from your body. If there is someone else around, be careful that the gun does not contact his body. Wear all kinds of safety equipment to ensure your safety before loading.

Always try to keep the gun empty as there is a possibility of fire due to the nails rotating during the driving mechanism’s connection. Refrain from loading nails into the gun before connecting because it can be risky.

3. Load the nails

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At this stage, slide the T-shaped clip on the nail corner’s back with the groove under the sleeve. In this case, if the magazine of the nail gun is empty before loading the first clip, you can place the second clip behind the first clip.

Then, press the nail gun upwards and hold the clip in place during the process. Generally, refrain from pulling its trigger until it is fully pressed against any surface. You pay attention to the loading process to deal with any accidents and unwanted situations.

Also, keep your finger from coming in contact with the trigger until the nail gun is fully ready to run.

4. Maintain spring and clip alignment

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Pull the pusher that is with the magazine to the back of the magazine. This spring can push the two clips of the nail forward. At this stage, press the button on the spring that is with the sleeve.

Then, the need to slide the nails forward through the side sleeves is immense. When you can load the porter cable nail gun, take the initiative to store it properly.

Also, try to keep the nails of that gun free from the jam. If there is a jam, then you cannot effectively nail it with that tool.

5. Unload and check the magazine

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Pull the spring-loaded slide on the back of this nail gun to remove the remaining nails. Ensure that you can empty the nail gun before saving it after you finish your work with it.

Unlock the slide after putting the nails in place to confirm that. Now, press the spring that is in the firing mechanism with the nails of your gun.

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In the last step, check to see if there are any more nails left in your nail gun. It is convenient to test by making sure to fire in space or on the ground. If no nails come out while firing, you can safely save the nail gun.


After all, manufacturers determine some different loading methods for loading each piece of equipment. Note that there are some differences in the loading method of almost all equipment types, which helps to express its own uniqueness.

If you can’t load your kit correctly before nailing, you may face various problems. We have discussed above how to load a porter cable nail gun to conduct nailing activities successfully. If you follow the above steps, then we believe you will be able to load a porter cable nail gun in the right way.

However, if you encounter any problems or want to know the essential information, you can follow the company’s manual.


Why doesn’t my nail gun work?

If there is a jam in your nail gun, the tool fails to fire. If you want to do great nailing with that nail gun, make sure the nails are in place right away.

Can you use pin nails in a brad nailer?

Brad Nailer is large, so it is suitable to use 16 gauge nails. On the other hand, these pin nails are small in size, so it is especially suitable for using 23 gauge nails. Since the two nails’ activities are different, it is not possible to get good results by using one with the other.

Can I use a pin nailer for a trim?

Yes, you can use a pin nail to trim any light work or small projects.

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