Fixing A Staple Gun Spring Not Something Difficult – But Why?

Using a staple gun is a core component of any woodworking or home improvement project. With a staple gun, you may do furniture, woodwork projects, and construction work, such as fixing subfloors or roof panels.

As a DIYer, you should know about all the difficulties with a staple gun so that you can make any necessary project easier.

In general, a staple gun adapts a firing system with a spring-loaded mechanism. For this reason, difficulties with the springs of staple guns are very common.

Typically, during the application, staples are removed from their covers for piercing on any surface, and the spring of a staple gun helps it twist while applying energy through this mechanism. In such a process, when the spring of a gun becomes blocked, it does not work properly, which is problematic.

Pneumatic, mechanical, and electrical staple guns are the three basic kinds of staple gunsSeveral issues may arise when using a staple gun, including a worn spring, a jammed gun, and a blocked hammer.

Guns with staples face several possible problems, but the stuck staple gun spring is a common problem for a DIYer. The inactivity of staple gun springs may be caused by three factors, which we’ll explore in this article.

What Types of Difficulties Do DIYers Face?

Here we have discussed the 3 most common problems of a staple gun.

Worn spring

A worn-out spring may be the reason for making a staple gun inactive. In most cases, this happens because the staple gun did not put enough pressure on the staples.

To solve this issue, you will first need to check the spring on your staple gun and, if necessary, open it. The next step is to remove the bar that holds the stapler. If the spring’s performance is not up to standard, you should get a new spring and replace the old one.

A jammed gun

It is common for DIYers not to pick the right size staples. And while staple guns, face the main difficulties. A small mismatch in the staple size can cause a gun to jam.

This problem may be resolved by removing the present staples. After that, move the spring back and forth. As a result, the staples can move freely.

If the gun jams, try checking it with a light in the area where the staple was put. Place the stapler in front of the light source. Use a flathead screwdriver or a pair of scissors to see the staple. Continuously hit the stapler’s head with any hard surface, such as a panel or shoe, until you see the staple. The staple will be removed as a result of this.

Blocked Hammer

A blocked hammer is also known as a clogged hammer. A clogged hammer may allow the hammer to overshoot the exact location where the staple is supposed to be hammered.

Examine the condition of the hammer’s top part by repeatedly hitting it with a hammer on a flat surface. If everything is okay, remove it by using a flathead screwdriver. Use a lubricant such as vinegar or grease to ensure a smooth flow.

How to Fix Staple Gun Spring – 3 Types and Solutions

Solution No. 1: For Manual Gun


Step – 1. Turn off the power source

First of all, make sure the staple gun’s power cord is unplugged. Always unplug a power tool before making any modifications to it.

Step – 2. The staple gun must be opened to begin

Using a screwdriver, open the staple gun from top to bottom. A flathead screwdriver would be an appropriate tool for this task. Hold the staple clip out when you open the staple gun.

Step – 3. Remove the clogged staple

If the gun is clogged, use needle-nosed pliers to secure and extend the hooked staple. Use a loaded staple to skip any problems while rotating the gun. But these pliers aren’t always available so a flathead screwdriver might help you in such a case.

Step – 4. Insert the staple gun

Insert the staple clip gain that you previously selected. Make sure all staples are the same length and check them carefully before loading them into the staple gun.

Step – 5. Put away the gun

The firing point of the staple must be attached to the stick. Staples wouldn’t work properly if you didn’t attach the stick properly at the staple point of discharge.

 It’s also possible that the loosened staple might get in your eyes. Because of this, a proper connection between a stick and the staple discharge point must be made. 

Step – 6. The staple gun is now ready to be used

To use the staple gun, make sure it is plugged into electricity. A battery, an electrical supply, or compressed air may power the gun. Use the syringe as directed but make sure it is covered with the secure cap.

Solution No. 2: For Electric Stapler’s Mechanism Loads Staples from the Bottom

Usually, the magazine of an electric gun is located at the back or rear. Press the button and fire the gun clips that are keeping the staples in place. But do not press the button roughly.

First of all, find the area named “Load Brad Nails.” Then, follow the procedure that is explained in the staple packaging, and position the nail precisely. It should be thrown from the side that is opposite the arrow. This points in the direction of the compartment that is being used earlier. Then, replace the magazine in the chamber of the staple gun. There will be the sound of a little snap.

The gun is now prepared for application after the power cable has been plugged into the wall outlet.

Solution No. 3: For the Pneumatic Version of the Stapler

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In the case of a pneumatic stapler, once you have shut off the compressor, remove the stapler from its base. Use the screwdriver if you’re having difficulty loosening it. Next, remove the rod and magazine by depressing the lever on the gun’s front.

After stapling, you should see the staple condition. This signifies that the staples are in the proper position. Finally, push the lever to liberate the spring.

It is ready to use right away. Now test it on a wooden item while wearing glass and ear protection to protect your eyes and hearing. It’s worth the money to buy a staple gun if you’re a DIYer. Staple guns may make many jobs easier and more efficient. When it comes to little repairs and upgrades all around your home, you won’t have to pay a premium for an expert.

But to work as a professional, knowing about the spring difficulties of a staple gun is also important. Check out the 3 different processes for fixing the difficulties of staple gun springs.

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