How Far Can A Nail Gun Shoot? – Things You Should Know

Carpenters use nail guns in all home improvement projects. It can shoot nails very perfectly through different types of objects. It is so powerful because using some of these nail guns can even shoot nails through concrete or steel. But normally, have you ever wondered, how far a nail gun shoots? The answer is that it’s actually dependent on many factors.

It is not possible to simply answer this question. In this article, we will consider all the required factors, discuss some relevant topics and help you to find out how far you can shoot a nail with your nail gun. So, for any further delay, let’s delve into the discussion.

How Far Does a Nail Gun Shoot?

Nail guns come in different varieties. All types of nail guns have some significant specifications and provide different facilities. In most modern nail guns, you will not be able to shoot any nail without pressing the gun on a hard surface. That, you cannot shoot nails from a distance.

So, if you ask how far a modern nail gun can shoot, the answer will be modern nail guns cannot shoot from far. These guns have a safety interlock system that will not even fire without pressing on the hard surface.

However, some old or traditional nail guns offer shooting options from a distance. Actually, they have fewer protection concerns and old mechanisms that allow users to shoot from a far distance.

Here, you can generally shoot through the objects from a 2- or 3-feet distance. Air pressure and nail size are the two most important factors that affect the power of these nail guns.

According to many articles and researchers, the most powerful gun can shoot from a 500meter distance. But it is actually not that useful in real life, and there is huge confusion about whether it is possible. Many people tried to do so, but most nail guns don’t cover that much area.

However, considering all the factors and from our experiences, we have got around 50 yards to range from the most powerful guns. That means, using the most powerful nail gun, you can shoot from highest around 50 yards.  

Now the question is, with which gun can you fire nails from a distance? To find it out, you must know the power sources of the nail guns because the power of your nails is mostly dependent on the power sources. Depending on different power sources, there are three types of nail guns. These are as follows:

Pneumatic Nail Gun


This is the most powerful source of power for nail guns. Here, an air compressor is used in your gun through an air hose. You can only use these nail guns when it is connected to the air compressor through the hose. Then, air comes through the hose that provides the force needed for firing.

From this air pressure, you can get a huge amount of power and shoot nails from a far distance. Here, you can get 30 to 50 yards of shooting range. In pneumatic nail guns, the main problem is that you can’t move the nail gun anywhere you want for this hose connection with the compressor.

Besides, it produces a good amount of sound. Otherwise, it’s a good choice for carpenters who needs a powerful nail gun.

Electric Nail Gun

The next option is an electric nail gun which is powered by a battery. It is convenient as you can move with this nail anywhere. There are no concerns for wire or hose. Besides, it doesn’t produce any sound that can disturb you. But it is not that powerful nail gun.

As the power source is the battery, you regularly need to charge. Besides, you will not get a long charging backup in most electric nail guns. So, for heavy-duty purposes, you can’t use this nail gun. Many people ask, how far can this cordless nail gun shoot? The answer is, as it is a less powerful gun, you only get a few feet of shooting range.

Gas-Powered Nail Gun

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Gas-powered nail guns have solved all the problems of electric and pneumatic nail guns. This nail is fully cordless. Besides, it has a decent level of power as some powerful inflammable fuels power it. However, these guns as heavy to move.

It may be hassle-full for you to move according to your need. Besides, these types of guns are very costly. So, people who don’t have an unlimited budget for nail guns will not be able to afford them. Additionally, as it is powered by inflammable gas, it is a little bit risky.

Well, these are mainly different power sources of nail guns. If we consider all the features of these nail guns, the most powerful nail gun is a pneumatic nail gun. From real-life experience, we can say that you will get the farthest distance from the shooting range with these guns. In the case of the other two types of nail guns, you can only get a few feet of shooting range.

Can You Really Use Nail Gun As a Weapon?

The answer is no. You can’t use a nail gun as your weapon. A nail gun is made to shoot nails through different objects like wood, steel, concrete, etc. It is not made to use as a weapon by which you can kill someone.

However, accidentally, some people may be injured, but intentionally, you can’t kill someone from a distance with nail guns. Many people ask, is a nail gun good for self-defense? The answer is absolutely not.

You can just annoy the enemy by shooting with a nail gun. However, with a 9mm pistol, you can easily kill a person from 50 yards distance because it is produced in that way so that you can shoot bullets through a human body.

But even after having the same kind of power, you can’t kill someone with the pneumatic nail gun. However, you can easily shoot nails through concrete and steel by using this nail gun.

Besides, all modern nail guns have a safety interlock system by which you cannot shoot any nail without touching the surface. Therefore, if you want to use it as a weapon, you need to use it from a far distance which is impossible. That is why we can say that you cannot use a nail gun as a weapon.

How Dangerous is a Nail Gun?

A nail gun can be very dangerous sometimes. Yes, you can’t use it for self-defense or as a weapon, but there are many histories of hand and finger injuries caused by the different nail guns. Also, as old nail guns don’t have the safety interlock features, they are a little bit risky.

Accidentally, these guns can cause many serious injuries. Besides, there are many nail guns having a bump or automatic trigger. These can sometimes cause an unintended discharge. As the user is very close to the nail gun, it has a huge risk of causing many types of injuries.


In this modern age of technology, everything is being updated. Nail guns are also being updated every day. To ensure safety, most nail guns don’t allow shooting from a far distance. You will hardly find some nail guns that don’t have a safety interlock system. In that case, from the most powerful nail guns, you may get a shooting 50 yards range, which is the highest.

So, that’s all about this topic. In this article, we have conducted a detailed discussion on how far a nail gun can go and give you all the relevant information you may need. So, after reading this article, we hope you have all the information you were searching for.

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