6 Ways How Does A Palm Nailer Work – Updated Guide

Ever felt your wrist busting while hammering nails?

I’ve been through this multiple times when I had no idea about palm nailers. My neighbor Pitson was a carpenter, and we often hang out for drinks in the evening.

One day I saw him working with a mysterious little drill-like tool. Within a few minutes, he finished off framing while working on a backyard shed. I was so impressed!

It was the day I learned about this amazing tool. After a few tries and I was soon to figure out how does a palm nailer work.

How Does an Electric Palm Nailer Work?

It’s not going to work if I jump into the working function. There are many novices reading this out, I believe. So, let me section down a few points that will make you deal better with the outstanding nailer type.

What is a Palm Nailer?

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You can imagine it as a nail gun the size of a pint. Bigger versions need an air compressor to operate. Without any obstacle of tight forcing or hammering, the tool literally drives a nail at a thunder-fast pace.

“The name comes from its ability to fit inside a palm effortlessly”

This super-compact tool comes cordless nailer as well. For tighter space, the portable versions are quite effective. However, for better power, you may want to go for the corded heavy-duty palm nailer version.

What Types of Palm Nailers are Available

There is a lot of variety for palm nailers depending on sizes and power options. You can get a mini-size palm nailer to work on 6d to 16d. With the same pressure, a bulky size of palm nailer is also available. These are usually great to work with bulk nails that start from 5d to heavy as 70d.

Also, you can find two different types of nailer, unlike the power option. The more powerful pact option is a Pneumatic palm nailer. However, you need to oil them periodically. While the mini version is operated with a tiny battery. This gives the freedom of taking this tool anywhere outdoors.

How Does Palm Nail Gun Work?

Yes, they are quite unique in looks. However, they do work pretty similar to a regular nail gun. Palm nailer just does it in a better and speedy way. Using electricity or compressed air the tool drives nails smoothly without any edge.

You may have to apply a bit of physical force. But relax, it’s not to the point of becoming daunted. At least not like the case we have with hammers or old-style nail guns.

Woodworking and carpentering will become so much easier if you follow the right way. Here’s what you need to do described in some easy steps.

1. Read Out the Manual

It’s absolutely important to start using a tool after reading the manual. Many will intentionally or forgetfully ignore the step.

But this could be risky, especially when you don’t have a lot of knowledge regarding such chores. So better be prepared by knowing the ins and outs of the palm nailer you got.

Next, you are all ready to do some crazy nailing.

2. Power it Up

The palm nailer needs to be powered up. If you have the battery-operated nailer or a cordless version of the palm nailer, it’s simple. You can look for the start switch and turn it on. Make sure you’re not using any old or poor-quality battery.

The Cordless version is usually less powerful. So, getting an inappropriate battery will degrade the performance. If you have a corded version, hook it up to your air compressor. It should be ready to drive down all the nails now.

3. The Right Posture Matters

The way you stand while holding this tool will highly affect results. You should stand or sit with your face a bit away from the nailer. Make sure you are not uncomfortably bending or lying. Because you might have to apply a bit of force for nailing.

That’s not going to work with some difficult and awkward posture. Another thing you need to take care of is the way of holding a palm nailer. Make sure you hold it with enough grip. The nose should be facing out while driving nails.

4. A Secure Grip = Fast Nailing

There are many units that come with hand straps. Try to get such models for better results.

Also, always ensure the palm grip is snug and secure. You can’t imagine how much speed this little gripping trick can bring. You’ll be less out of control, and so the nailing process will be faster.

5. Nailing Process

Once you choose the right nails, it’s better to keep them on hand. Because of the magazine design of a palm nailer, you’ll have to fit those nails manually. It’s nothing hard through.

There should be a magnetic tip on it. Place the nail’s pinhead over this tip. It’s going to hold the nail nicely to feed into holes.

Now simply position the tool where you want to feed it. Push down the nailer, and it should drive inside whatever material you are working with.

6. A Bit of Manual Work

Most of the time, there’s a slight nail head remaining on the nailing surface. You need to use manual hammering to get it inside. This isn’t so hard, to be honest, and practice needs a few seconds.

Once you are done with it, keep the palm nailer aside. It’s time to admire your work!

Palm Nailer Pros & Cons

Let’s talk about a few goods and bads of palm nailers.


  • ​​​Unlike regular nail guns, palm nailer is lightweight and compact to use
  • Better accuracy than a regular nail gun
  • It can drive the nails of both small and big sizes
  • Most palm nailers suit nails found in hardware stores
  • Magnetic nail holder helps to keep it in place
  • Faster than regular nail guns


  • Cordless versions are less powerful, usually
  • You need to load nails one by one manually
  • A few models need you to hammer at the end for complete driving

Some Safety Concerns

Never start without reading the complete manual. Always start with knowing proper usage instructions. Don’t ignore the safety features included in your palm nailer.

These are not meant to be bypassed by any means. It’s important to buy safety gear to work with palm nailer. Get earbuds and a tight helmet. Don’t forget side shields too.

A palm nailer can make so much difference in your working speed and effort compared to hand nailing. It’s less time and more accurate than any other handy method.

Check out this amazing tutorial to find out how.


I hope you have your answer on how does a palm nailer work. Most homeowners can very well tackle various chores using plain palm nailer. Only professional or bulk size nails require a full-size palm nailer.

So, you see, there’s a lot of conventional and innovative use of a good quality model.

Before spending a dime on a basic nail gun, realize what you truly need. A typical nail gun will limit your working scope. While a high-quality palm nailer will reverse the stress into faster results with better accuracy.

So, have you made up your mind to get a palm nailer or you’ll go with your regular nail gun? My comment section is eagerly waiting for your answer, so don’t forget to let me know below.

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