The History of Power Tools (All History Here)

Humans, since existence, have always looked for a way to make their job more comfortable through the use of tools. Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, you will need power tools to get the job done on time and reduce the waste of human energy.

You may take the sophisticated tools that you use now for granted, but our ancestors were never availed of the opportunity that you have.

Our ancestors worked manually. This is why the history of power tools is essential so we can appreciate the advancements made with power tools over the years.

Ancient Egyptian Contribution to Power Tools


The history of power tools can never be complete without the mention of Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt is known for its civilization, which also helped in the creation and development of power tools.

A hand-powered lathe was the first power tool to be ever produced. It looks primitive but was at least able to make work easier. It was a cumbersome and heavy tool.

1895: The Era of the First Modern Power Tool

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Thomas Edison’s invention of the incandescent electric lamp in 1879 opened up the way for more technological progress in machinery.

Enters C&E Fein in 1895


A German company, C&E Fein, is the first company to be credited for producing the primary power tool.

The invention was a combination of both the power of a manual drill with the power of an electric motor to produce a power tool that shook the industry.

Although this power tool was heavy, weighing about 16.5 pounds, it required many operators to make it functional. It was extremely slow since a weak electric motor powered it.

The machine fell short of modern standards because it was cumbersome and challenging to operate, but the tool reigned supreme for more than 20 years and revolutionized the way machine-operated jobs were done in the 19th century.

1910: The Entrance of Black and Decker

History was made in the United States of America in 1910. It was the year an electric drill was made by two friends Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker.

Duncan Black sold his car for $600 and, in partnership with his friend Alonzo Decker started a small machine shop.

The friends improved on the design of the C&E Fein drill by introducing the design of the Colt 45 automatic pistol. This paid off. Black & Decker started the sales of pistol-grip and trigger-switch electric drills within six years of opening their first shop.

It was a kind of drill loved by professionals and DIY persons because it was extremely light, more powerful, and more comfortable to handle than the C&E Fein tool.

The Entrance of Makita in 1915

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Makita Corporation, a Japanese company, made its debut in 1915.

The company mostly manufactures cordless, battery-powered power tools that were introduced into the market in 1978.

After nine years, Makita Corporation started producing quality, professional-grade power tools for contractors.

The Coming of Dewalt in 1923

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The first radial arm saw was introduced in 1923 by Raymond Dewalt. After a year, he founded DeWalt as a tool manufacturing company to produce light power tools.

The DeWalt power tools were loved by homeowners and carpenters for their durability and reliability. The company manufactures a wide range of tools. It produces more than 200 tools. Dewalt cordless drill history produced a lot of successes.

Bosch and its 1957 Innovation

From 1916, the improvement in the development of power tools continued with the aim of making it lighter and easier to use power tools.

In all of the innovations and developments, there was no place for safety. The power tools were dangerous because many of them were cased using cast metal housing, which usually causes shocks to the users leading to constant injuries.

But in 1957, Bosch introduced a power tool with a plastic casing for proper protection from injuries. This makes the use of a power tool safe and comfortable. There were no fears of electric shock, and this helped to revolutionize the power tool industry.

Black and Decker powerful power tool for space exploration in the 60s.

With their first power tool in 1910, Black and Decker continued to make significant improvements in the power tool business. In 1961, the company designed and manufactured the very first cordless power tool. It was the opening of a new vista in the industry.

A rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery powered it. Black and Decker improved their capacity and produced light tools for NASA exploration purposes.

These tools were designed and manufactured as zero gravity tools so that they can be used in space and on the moon. This was a significant advancement for Black and Decker.

Power Tool Advancements in the 70s

The advancements in power tools continued in the 70s. Majorly, of these were power tools powered by batteries. Modern development experienced lighter, safer, and more powerful power tools that are convenient and easy to use.

In 1984, Bosch manufactured the first rechargeable battery-operated rotary hammer. The cordless hammer weighed just two kilos and could be operated without the use of power mains.

The 21st-century Advancements and Beyond

In this 21st century, the development and manufacturing of power tools have made a quantum leap. Many companies are now competing with various innovative products and making huge investments in research to improve their expertise in power tool production.

The tools have become lighter than ever with useful safety features to prevent injuries and accidents. Cordless tools, most especially, have made a lot of progress over the years. Many manufacturers make use of lithium-ion batteries which are durable and long-lasting. This makes it possible to use a power tool for a long time without needing a charge.

The power tools of names and uses vary. The tools manufactured now are electrical power tools and mechanical power tools list like Bosch, Black and Decker, and Dewalt.


The history of power tools will help you to understand how power tools metamorphosed into what they are today. They have changed our way of life.

Power tools are a must-have, whether at home or in the workplace. They are a key part of every home tool kit.

There were also portable power tools in carpentry that helped in making the woodwork business easier. There are no doubt power tools have made life easier.

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