9 Different Types Of Nail Guns (The Definitive Guide)

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People who have less experience might get frustrated when buying a nail gun because there are types of nail guns out there in the market. That is why you must know the nailer types.

Below, I am going to discuss different kinds of nail guns. Each nail gun has its use.

9 Different Types of Nail Guns

1. Framing Nail Gun

As the name implies, it is the nail gun that is used in framing work. It is the heaviest duty nail gun as well. That is why it is used in framing houses, building decks, basement recreation rooms, and construction houses. Its nail size is 2 ½”-3 ½” long.

There are two types in this category. Round-head framing nail gun and clipped head framing nail gun. The first one can hold fewer nails than the later one. That is why in heavy-duty work, clipped head framing nailers are used.

2. Finishing Nail Gun

Another type of nail gun is finishing nail gun. As its name implies, finishing is its job. This type of nailer is designed to work with special-sized nails. These nails are large enough to be suitable for crown molding and baseboard.

3. Brad Nail Gun

Brad nail gun is the one that you can use for multiple tasks. You can use this one for trim work and other homework as well.

For the beginner, this one can be a perfect option as it is strong enough to do different types of jobs.

4. Roofing Nail Gun

This one is another heavy-duty nailer and is used by professional workers only.

However, serious DIYers can use it as well. As the name implies, these nailers are used for nailing new roofs. There are several types of roofing nail guns. Such as pneumatic, solenoid, and spring-loaded. This is not an option for the beginner.

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5. Pin Nail Gun/Pin Nailer

A pin nail gun is the smallest nailer. If you want the most delicate finish for your minor housework, you can take this one for you. It has minimal holding power. As a result, it is not used in the professional field.

6. Flooring Nail Gun

A flooring nail gun is a nailer that people use in flooring. If you need to install a floor, then this one is for you. This one is unique in design and features. It is specially designed for a flooring job.

7. Staple Gun

This is a unique piece of the nailer. However, it can drive nails into a wide range of materials. It generally creates larger holes, and it keeps the contents in place. That palm nailer is why it has different types of home tasks.

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8. Palm Nail Gun

The palm nail gun is similar to a small nail gun. As the name implies, you can keep it on your hand palm. It can do all the things a large nailer can do but on a smaller scale. Because of its small size, the palm nailer is much more accurate than other nailers.

9. Siding Nailer

And the last nailer is siding nailer. It is a nailer that is used to install the siding. Just like the framing nailer, this one is suitable for heavy-duty work.


This article will explain how many types of nail guns are there. Hope that you enjoy it. If you have any questions, let me comment below right now.

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