Best Sandpaper For Removing Paint From Wood (Top 9 Picks)

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As someone with a knack for DIY woodworking, you may often find yourself repurposing old wood for new projects, be it for making an entirely new item or for revamping an old wooden piece. One step to this is removing old paint from wood.

Removing paint is not the tough part; the tough part is finding a way to do it without damaging the wood underneath. You may use chemicals for this task. And if you’re interested to know how to remove paint from wood without chemicals, just get the top sandpaper for removing paint from wood.

Sandpapers are versatile. In this article, we will introduce 9 top ones for the job to you. Let’s begin!

Our Top 3 Picks


Frimoony Wet Dry Sandpaper Assortment


Weight: 7.4 ounces

Dimensions: 3.94 x 1.18 x 0.51 inches


Veronse 90 Pcs 400 to 3000 Grit Sandpaper


Weight: 11.2 ounces
Dimensions: 9.7 x 4.5 x 0.7 inches


WaterLuu Wet & Dry Sandpapers

Brand: Waterluu

Weight: 15.1 ounces

Dimensions: 10.16 x 4.25 x 2.44 inches

Best Sandpaper for Removing Paint from Wood Reviews

The sandpapers mentioned here are all very versatile. So, aside from removing paint from wood, you can use them for many tasks. Read the reviews to find the best one.

1. Frimoony Wet Dry Sandpaper Assortment – Our Pick

Frimoony Wet Dry Sandpaper Assortment

First off, we have a very handy assorted set from Frimoony. In this set, you will get 90 sheets of sandpaper. There will be 9 different grit sizes and 10 papers of each size. So, you will get quite the deal for the price.

If you’re wondering what grit sandpaper to remove paint from wood floor, that will not be an issue anymore. There is a good variety in this set, and the grit count starts from 240 grit and goes all the way to 3000 grit. So, no matter the required grit, you will be able to find one.

It is the best sandpaper for removing paint from wood because it can be used both wet and dry—however, the performance when wet is subpar. So, I wouldn’t recommend that.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with sanding blocks.
  • Made of black oxide.
  • Grit material is silicon carbide.
  • Comes with 90 sheets with 9 different grits (240-3000).


  • The materials ensure an even grit distribution, which provides the best possible results.
  • Easy to locate grit marks for convenience.
  • Can be used both wet & dry for convenience.
  • Works perfectly with sanding blocks.


  • Not the best performance when used wet.

2. Veronse 90 Pcs 400 to 3000 Grit Wet Dry Sandpaper Assortment – Runner Up

Veronse 90 Pcs 400 to 3000 Grit Wet Dry Sandpaper Assortment

At our second spot, we have another ridiculously well-valued set from Veronse.

What I like about these sheets is that they are bigger in size. So, you can easily cut off small portions as needed when using. Make sure to write down the grit number in the back, or else you might mix them up.

These papers are perfect for use on vehicles. Alongside, this is the perfect sander for removing paint from wood. So, you get great versatility.

Another pro is that these papers can be used both wet and dry, and they do not fall apart either way.

Key Features:

  • 90-piece set, with 9 varying grits (400-3000).
  • High-quality electro-coated silicon carbide material.
  • Advanced production tech allows for wet & dry application.
  • Big size of 8.85 x 3.54 inches.
  • Suitable for automotive & wood furniture use.


  • A nice variety for versatile work.
  • Bang for your bucks.
  • The bigger sheet size allows you to cut small portions as necessary.
  • Does not fall apart when used wet or dry.
  • The high-quality materials provide excellent durability.


  • Thinner than expected.
  • All the different grits come in the same bag, being hard to separate.

3. WaterLuu Wet & Dry Sandpapers – Best Choice

WaterLuu Wet & Dry Sandpapers

In the third position, we have a well-loved set with no significant cons. It is perfect for the uses specified by the manufacturer.

Aside from 42 sandpapers, the set comes with an exterior paint removal sander. However, this sander might be hard to hold if you have smaller hands.

On to the papers, you get a full range of grits starting from 120 ending at 3000. And, you will get 3 papers of each size. With 14 different grit levels, that amounts to 42 sandpapers.

These sheets and the holder are designed ergonomically. So, they are comfortable enough for prolonged use. And, the flexibility stops the papers from tearing.

Key Features:

  • A full range of grits containing 14 different levels (120-3000).
  • Made from silicon carbide abrasives with electrocoating.
  • Lightweight & flexible.
  • A dimension of 9 x 3 8/5 inches.
  • Ergonomically designed.


  • Flexible and lightweight enough to not tear or fall apart during use.
  • Waterproof so it can be switched from dry to wet in a jiffy.
  • Can fit hand sanders 6½ x 3 3/8 inches dimension for convenient use.
  • The ergonomic design provides comfort during prolonged use.


  • Small-handed users might struggle to hold.

4. Lanhu 320 to 5000 Assorted Grit Sandpaper

Lanhu 320 to 5000 Assorted Grit Sandpaper

Coming from Lanhu is yet another great alternative. This brand has been inexpensive and reputed for its quality. Let’s see if this one holds up to that name.

This all-around package features sheets of multiple grits allowing you to work on projects of multiple kinds. Ranging from 320 grit to 5000 grit, a total of 36 sheets have you covered and eliminating any possibility of needing to buy extra sandpaper because the grit’s not right.

Take a look at the quality! With papers of an incredible standard, they will stand the test of time. Speaking of multipurpose, you can use them for both wet and dry purposes.

The sanding papers are 9 inches long, and you can use them on your hand or a sanding block. If the size still does not fit your requirements, you can always cut it.

Throw any tasks at these incredible sanding paper sets; it will come out triumphant. Be it smoothening wood or getting rid of molds, this unit excels at what it does. Multipurpose is the essence of this product. You can even clean up wet blemishes from your car.

Key Features:

  • 36 sheets paper, 3 for each grit.
  • 9″ in length.
  • Multipurpose.
  • Wet and dry use compatible.


  • Incredible paper quality.
  • Silicon carbide and electro coat enable both dry and wet use.
  • Suitable for hand using or sanding block.
  • It inexpensive & provides great value.


  • Has durability issues.

5. Dura-Gold Premium Sandpaper 9″ x 11″ Sheet Variety Pack Box

Dura-Gold Premium Sandpaper 9

Another product with multiple varieties, you cannot go wrong with this one from Dura-Gold. This jackpot of a product gives you the 10-sheet packs with 2 sheets of 80, 120, 150, 220, 320 grits.

This super-versatile item is compatible with hand and block sanding and clip-on sandpaper style tools. Customizability is another aspect that’ll amaze you as this product can be incised to quarter, half, or any other fraction according to user convenience. The plain back is super user-friendly as well.

Let’s talk about the material now. The Super Coated Aluminum Oxide Corundum allows precise cuts and smooth finishing. This product is more than suitable for use in auto-shops and craftsmanship related purposes. Surfaces such as metal, wood, glass are a piece of cake for these sheets.

Say goodbye to clogging and loading and maximize your efficiency with this sandpaper. This incredible accessory is inexpensive and improves the user’s efficacy.

Key Features:

  • 80, 120, 150, 220, 320 grit-sheets, 2 each.
  • Material- Super Coated Aluminum Oxide Corundum.
  • Compatible with hand, block sanding, and clip-on machinery.
  • Uniform finish.


  • Contains a variety of grits.
  • Provides excellent finish.
  • Works on multiple surfaces.
  • Suitable for use in most workshops.


  • Virtually none.

6. Dura-Gold Premium Sandpaper 1/2 Sheet Variety Pack Box

Dura-Gold Premium Sandpaper 1/2 Sheet Variety Pack Box

The Dura-Gold brand makes a reappearance with another variety box at the 6th box. This reappearance is proof that the brand makes some amazing quality sanders.

If you are someone who prefers using a tool with sandpapers, be it electric sanders, or handheld ones, or clip-on type tools, this set is the ideal match for you.

With the hook & clip system, you can install them easily on your tool of choice. Removing them is just as easy. Also, the scratch pattern is consistent so that you can remove paint with ease.

Key Features:

  • 15 premium sandpapers in 5 different grits (80-320).
  • The sheets contain a hook & loop backing.
  • Made from super coated aluminum oxide corundum.
  • Long-lasting cut with consistent scratch patterns.
  • Resistant to clogging & loading.


  • The hook & loop mechanism allows for quick & easy installation and removal.
  • The consistent scratch pattern is perfect for removing paint.
  • Does not easily clog, so you get a good amount of use from one sheet.
  • Can be used on clip-on type tools and full-size sanders.


  • Does not come with very fine grit papers; they need to be separately bought.

7. Grosun 9 x 11 Inch 400 to 2000 Grit Dry & Wet Sandpaper Assortment

Grosun 9 x 11 Inch 400 to 2000 Grit Dry & Wet Sandpaper Assortment

At 7th, we have an assortment of high-quality wood sandpapers from Grosun. What I liked the most about these is the big 9 x 11 inches dimension. Nothing is more frustrating than getting new sandpapers only to find that they are not big enough for your sanding tool. With this, that problem will be a thing of the past.

Don’t know what grit sandpaper to remove stain from wood? No worries! The wide range of grits of these papers is suitable for many different wood applications. These are perfect for woodworkers!

Besides wood, this set is also the best sandpaper to remove paint from metal.

Key Features:

  • 14-sheet set, 2 of each grit type, 7 levels of grits (400-600).
  • Big 9 x 11 inches size.
  • Silicon carbide electro-coated material.
  • Suitable for various wood applications.


  • Has a good variety, which is needed for different types of jobs on wood.
  • Can polish really well.
  • The big size paper is very useful, can be cut for different applications.
  • Lasts well through wet & dry uses.
  • Provides flawless finishes.


  • The black color may rub off on light-colored porous surfaces.

8. Coceca 48pcs 9 x 3.6 inches Wet Dry Sandpaper 120 to 3000 Grit Assortment

Coceca 48pcs 9 x 3.6 inches Wet Dry Sandpaper 120 to 3000 Grit Assortment

Our 8th pick is the most inexpensive item on the list. If you are running short on money but still need sandpapers that will get the job done, look no further.

It is almost unbelievable the number of papers you get at such a price. In this set, you will get a range of 120-3000 grit papers, with 12 different levels. There will be 4 sheets of each kind, which makes a total of 48 sheets.

With such a wide range, you can first use the coarse papers to remove most of the paint, then go in with the finer ones for complete removal. That is usually how to remove paint from intricate woodwork.

Key Features:

  • Contains 48 sheets of sandpaper, 9 x 36. Inches.
  • 12 different grits, 4 sheets per grit (120-3000).
  • Made using advanced production technology for even distribution.
  • Suitable for woodwork, crafts, metal, plastic, automotive, etc.


  • Enough paper to go through entire projects.
  • Good toughness- provides efficient results quickly.
  • The layout is great for cutting smaller pieces, reducing waste.
  • Very versatile and usable on different surfaces.


  • No significant cons were found.

9. Austor 30 Pieces Sandpaper Sheets Assortment

Austor 30 Pieces Sandpaper Sheets Assortment

We are ending our review section with a wet & dry sandpaper assortment from Austor. This is another inexpensive set, although it costs a few dollars more than the previous product.

These papers are made with quality manufacturing. Nano sand-plating techniques are used to get an even grit super fine surface. Also, the back is made with an electroplating process, so it will feel soft on hand.

The variety in this set, in my opinion, could be better. You will get 80, 120, and 220 grit papers, 10 of each, in this set. That means the papers are all of coarser grit, and you will not get a fine grit one. So, if you only need these grit papers, then go for it.

Key Features: 

  • 30 pieces of paper in 3 different grits (80,120,220).
  • Made from silicon carbide.
  • Made using Nano sand-plating techniques to ensure super fine, even grit.
  •  The back is made with an electroplating process for a soft feel.


  • The dimensions are great for cutting smaller pieces.
  • Can be used equally easily manually or with sanding blocks.
  • The soft feeling back protects the hand from fatigue.
  • Can be used with varnish, water, shellac, oil, or lacquer.


  • The range of grit could be better.

Before You Buy Sandpaper for Removing Paint, what to Look for?

There are a few things you should check when shopping for sandpapers. In this section, those things are covered briefly. Keep reading to know more.


The grit number of sandpapers is very important. It depicts how abrasive the paper is. The lower the number, the coarser the sandpaper is. On the reverse, the higher the number, the finer the sandpaper particles are.

Usually, lower grit sandpapers are used at first, as the topmost layer of a piece is the most uneven. Then, you have to go in with finer grits to achieve a smooth, perfectly even finish.

If you want to remove paint from wood, start with 150-grit sandpaper. Then, go in with 220 or higher grit ones for a final smooth finish.

Type of Abrasive Used

To make the sandpapers abrasive, different materials are used. Here is a brief rundown of the three most popular types for wood –

  • Silicon Carbide

This is perhaps the most common type of abrasive you will come across. They are very strong, so they are perfect for removing paint from wood. If you need to remove other materials, you can do so with these papers. They are also usable on metals & plastics.

One downside to these is that they do not last very long & need frequent replacing. You can use silicon carbide papers for wet sanding as well.

  • Garnet

Garnet papers are perfect for use when you are finishing up a piece of wood. These papers are popular among woodworkers for handheld use. Their main purpose is to remove scratches, making a wooden surface ready for finishing. They also do not tear up or break apart easily.

The downside is that garnet papers do not work as fast as other sandpaper materials. You have to give it a bit more time.

  • Aluminum Oxide

This is another widely used abrasive material for sandpaper. It is very durable, which makes it perfect for not only wood but also metals, drywall, plastics, etc. Also, it works rather fast.

An interesting fact is that the sandpaper particles of this particular kind break when you are sanding. This provides fresh new sharp particles for sanding. They are also durable & long-lasting, and they work well when wet.

But, with aluminum oxide, you will not as fine of a finish as you can from garnet papers. For removing paint, they will be amazing.

Sanding Type

When getting sandpapers, consider if you will use them by hand or with a tool. Some sandpapers are best used by hand, while some only work with sanding tools. Check which group the one you’re considering falls under.

For flat surfaces, sanding tools help get the job done faster. And for corners & intricate details, you need to use your hands.


Sandpaper for removing paint from wood will make removing paint from wood a breeze. Our recommendations are perfect candidates for that. Hopefully, you will find the perfect match for your specific job easily here.

Look through the buying guide, and then skim the reviews to see which one you should get. Getting an assortment of varying grits would be a good idea because you never know which one will end up working perfectly!


Can I cut sandpapers to fit them in a clip type palm sander?

If the papers you have are big enough to fit the sander, then yes. You can easily cut sandpapers with scissors.

Is a sander necessary to use with sandpapers?

No. These sanders make the process easier, but they are not a necessity. You can use the papers with your hand.

Which grit should I choose for my wooden pieces?

For woodworking, a range of 60-600 grit sandpapers are suitable. You really do not need any more than that.

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