6 Best Sanding Discs For Wood In 2023

A sanding disc is a tool that needs a different tool for various jobs. When you use sanding discs for steel, you need a specific disc, and like this wood needs another different disc.

After that, the ask Best sanding discs for wood is size is the most precious thing for disc choice. After the abuse of woodworking, you must want your disc to look good quality.

Don’t forget to compare pricing before choosing the perfect one. Size and quality vary cost highly. If you choose 4 inches, one is replacing 6-inch disc which can completely change your budget for a disc.

However, our recommendation is Mestool 58-AP 100 per box GRITS. Many more are below so check everything before choosing.

Our Top 3 Picks


Mestool 58-AP 100 per box GRITS

Brand: Mestool

Weight: 1.8 pounds

Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 4 inches


Mirka 23-615-080 Grit Sanding Discs

Bradd: Mirka

Weight: 3.2 ounces
Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches


5in Sanding Discs, 100PCS Grit Sandpaper

Brand: LotFancy

Weight: 1.58 pounds

Dimensions: 5.35 x 5.08 x 4.17 inches

How to Purchase Sanding Discs for Wood

Wood sanding discs
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Disc Size

Disc size for sanding discs is essential. When you want to choose a sanding disc, then the first question is, what about the size?

Different size sanding discs were used in the variant task. Usually, 5″ and 6″ discs are used in woodworking products. Those discs use in orbital sanding discs that sander machines at a small shop. After that, most of the sanding disc providers produce multiple grit configurations. For instance, various grits can help workshop operators to meet their needs.

Hook & Loop

Fixing disks are essential so that you can use two main methods. Hook & Loop is the usual method that is working for fixing. Hook and Loop are other significant things besides the PSA adhesive disk for fixing.

After that, if you know about the Verco methodology for sandpaper work, you can easily understand the hook & loop work. Hooks and loops work from different parts, but when both start working, it can make the best bonding.

Disc Sandpaper Grades

Wood removal of finish depends on how grit works. Grit number is the main thing that can finish smoother or more aggressively. However, as less as great use, the finish will be aggressive and much grit can provide a smoother finish.

However, independent testing organizations provide a stat that more than 180 grit disks can provide smoother results.

Dust Collection

Dust collection is a vital priority thing for sanding discs. Accumulation of dust by using a machine is a big improvement at present. The maximum the machine can reduce dust through fixing the pad. Variety of disk holes can improve the experience of dust collection experience.

1. Mestool 58-AP 100 per box GRITS

Good Side

Completely high-quality materials made
Very easy to operate
Durable for quality materials
Longtime usable

Not So Good Side

It may not provide significant functionality

Mestool 58-AP 100 per box GRITS is suitable for binding your semi-open grit. Also, it is specially made to prevent pill formation with special steering coating closing. It is a durable material through which you can get the best results.

Usually, you have to go through this metal processing while preparing the wood for automatic refining. Only a durable product can produce perfect results. It is useful for providing you with effective, long-lasting service. Don’t hesitate to use it in any wood-related projects.


Durability- It has an aluminum oxide grain that is durable.

Fitting- This sanding disc fits into holes easily.

Dust Collection- Effective for huge dust collection.

Grips- These sander grips are perfect.

2. Mirka 23-615-080 8-Hole 80 Grit Sanding Discs

Good Side

It is made of aluminum
Creates adhesive bonds
Very sharp and durable
Each packet contains 50 discs

Not So Good Side

Low-quality disc pack

These Mirka 23-615-080 8-Hole 80 Grit Dustless Hook & Loop Sanding Discs are perfect for providing you with quick and long-lasting cuts. The said high-performance resin bond system is very sharp and durable.

Typically, a mixture of aluminum oxide and urea resin forms an adhesive bond. Subsequently, the manufacturers made this high-performance sandpaper from the adhesive mixture.

Since it is made with anti-load stearate, it is especially suitable for providing a long lifespan in your project. In addition, these discs allow you to successfully borrow and wear more. Very useful for fitting any wooden items. One packet contains 50 discs.


Disc- It has included 50 discs when comes.

Cut- Very fast to cut with long-lasting.

Strength- The resin bond system has high strength.

Performance- The sandpaper attached is high performance.

3. 5in Sanding Discs, 100PCS Grit Sandpaper Assortment

Good Side

Suitable for all surfaces
Provides perfect finishing

Not So Good Side

Loss of adhesive very quickly

This 5-in Sanding Discs, 100PCS Grit Sandpaper Assortment is a multi-grit pack. Using it, you can get the perfect finish in wood, rubber, and plastic projects. By using this pack, you will be able to meet maximum sanding and polishing requirements. Stone and glass materials are made so effective and durable.

It is a compact sanding disc, so it fits with almost all projects. For example, Ryobi RS290G, Bosch 3107, Makita B05010 BO5041K, RedZid R26011, etc. It is made of durable aluminum, so able to resist sticking.

Its premium resin bond system helps you get a smooth finish. The hook and loop sandpaper backing grit changes in these sanding discs allowing you to use it easily and quickly. It is handy for preventing wood decay. It has four holes with a punch for efficient dust removal.


Grit Pack- Comes with 100-220 grits packs.

Compatible- This sanding disc is compatible with many versions.

Finish- Provides smooth finish for premium resin bond.

Cutting Speed- Fastest cutting with stearate.

4. Dura-Gold Premium 40 Grit 5 ” Sanding Discs

Good Side

Made of aluminum
Able to provide protection
High-Performance Supplier
Speed up work

Not So Good Side

Can’t provide excellent results

Dura-Gold Sanding Discs It is handy for all types of sharp cutting and perfect finishing. Super-coated aluminum oxide is made, so it is perfect for comparative finishing. These sanding papers help protect with a hook and loop system.

In general, having regular connections from one disc to another, you will remove those discs quickly and easily. With these sandpaper discs, you can use them for all kinds of woodwork, painting, fiberglass, and any plastic work.

For instance, it can provide maximum resistance to loading, which increases the use of suitable components for reduction. Also, it is beneficial for speeding up the work while providing you with exceptional sanding performance.


Disc- Sharp cutting hook & loop disc.

Size- Multiple sizes attached.

Delivery Speed- This sanding disc provides fast delivery.

Resistance- Maximum resistance with clogging.

Performance- Exceptional and fast sanding performance.

5. 60Pcs Sanding Discs 5 Inch 8 Holes

Good Side

You’ll get a perfect finish from it
Suitable for all surfaces
Easy to install and removable
It is consistent

Not So Good Side

Not suitable for successful smoothing

These 60Pcs Sanding Discs 5 Inch 8 Holes can meet all your sanding and polishing requirements. In general, it is especially suitable for your random orbital sanders. Examples as Ribi Makita BO5041K, Black & Decker, etc. It is suitable for providing you with equally open-coat and consistent scratch pattern production.

Also, it has a special stearate coating that helps you get the perfect finish on those surfaces. With these sanding discs, you will be able to clean and polish the wood effectively. It is suitable for all types of metals, wood, rubber, plastic, stone, glass, and other surfaces.

It is ideal for perfect finishing on all types of surfaces and can help prevent corrosion. Particularly suitable for durable products and is easy to install. In addition, it has four holes that help in efficient dust extraction.


Grit Package- 6 multiple packages come with 60 sanding discs.

Compatible- It works within 5 to 8-inch holes.

Durability- Completely durable with anti-static.

Polishing- Polishing compound usable with a 6-grade sanding disc.

Use- Usable in Auto, woodworking, or any artificial stone product.

6. POWERTEC 44006G-50 Gold Sanding Disc

Good Side

Increases work efficiency
Easy to install and removable
Provides smooth polish
Increases productivity

Not So Good Side

This is not a high-quality product

This POWERTEC 44006G-50 Gold 5 Sanding Disc offers premium quality. Since this pack of sanding discs is highly durable so it is suitable for long-lifetime delivery.

In general, it is specially designed to handle the process of fast cutting. Ideal for use on any woodwork, automobile, and many other surfaces. It is more effective for any woodworking than other projects.

However, this disc provides exceptional results on all types of surfaces, which are useful for trapping other harmful substances. It helps to maximize your work efficiency and provides smooth polish. It increases the productivity of your project and allows for long-lasting.

The hook and loop design that it offers will enable you to quickly remove and install the disc, a very simple process. This disc is compatible with almost all projects and is committed to providing improved services.


Durable- Optimal durability for Aluminum oxide grain construction.

Cutting Speed- Strong Cutting speed with longevity.

Adjustment- Easy changeable hook and Loop so easily adjustable.

Use- Woodworking product usable.

Finish- Smooth and finish surface.


We discuss and review everything above about sanding discs for wood. What disc should you choose, and the answer is it depends. The best sanding disc for wood choice will ultimately depend on what you are doing to the wood.

Above all, if you are sanding a solid wood piece, then the latest price for a disc is your best bet. If you are looking to sand a board into an excellent smooth shape, then going with the inexpensive PSA disc probably isn’t worth it.


Can I use a grinder to sand wood?

It is easy to use a sander, replacing a grinder when you need to sand many wood surfaces.

What is the fastest way to sand wood?

Use your belt sander and try to smooth a large area fast.

What will use is perfect if I don’t have sandpaper?

Sandpaper is not the only thing that can smooth wood. You can be scrapping first, then burnishing, and finally sanding.

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