6 Best Nail Guns For Crafts In 2023

The importance of an effective nail gun for nailing your wood, concrete, or any other material at different times is immense. Similarly, you will feel the need for a suitable nail gun when you want to nail perfectly in any craft. This article is very important for those who are looking for tools for nailing in crafts or want to know the details.

Basically, in this article, you will be able to choose a high-quality tool to describe the best nail guns for crafts here. If you want to rely on a nail gun, we would recommend this NuMax SFN64 Pneumatic Straight Finish Nailer.

Our Top 3 Picks


NuMax SFN64 Pneumatic Straight Finish Nailer

Brand: NuMax

Weight: 4.5 pounds

Dimensions: 3.25 x 11.5 x 12.5 inches
Warranty: 1 Year


Hitachi NP35A Pin Nailer 23 Gauge

Bradd: Hitachi

Weight: 2 pounds

Warranty: 5 year


WORKPRO Staple Gun, Manual Brad Nailer


Weight: 1.19 pounds

Dimensions: 7.28 x 4.53 x 1.38 inches

How to Choose Nail Guns for Crafts

Many people suffer from indecision when buying a high-quality and effective nail gun for nailing in crafts. If you do not want to experience such an embarrassing and bitter experience, read the guidelines below. Below we will describe the important issues in choosing a functional nailer.

Type of Nail Gun for Crafts

When you are nailing a project, choose an effective nail gun by observing the project’s size and overall condition. In some cases, the need for a nail gun also depends on light and heavy work. In particular, 10-12-gauge framing nail guns are popular. Conversely, 21 framing nailers are best for larger boards or any wood project. Also, narrow-gauge brad nailers are especially suitable for nailing your crafts and furnishings.

Depth Adjustment

If you can’t effectively adjust the depth with a nail gun’s help, then it is not convenient and comfortable for you. So, before you buy, find a nailer that will allow you to adjust the depth very easily. In general, you can easily adjust the depth by using wind-powered nail guns. Basically, we recommend that you refrain from buying nail guns that do not have depth adjustments.

Source of Energy

Before buying a nail gun, consider what the source of its power is. In most cases, cordless, cordless, and gas-powered nail guns are capable of delivering great results. So, try to choose the nailer that can give you more benefits.

Typically, corded nails are held together with an air compressor. Therefore, it conducts nailing activities in a limited way under certain pressures. The main advantage of corded nail guns is that they are cheaper and easier to use than other nailers. Remember, avoid these corded nail guns if you want to nail in a tough project as it is not suitable for any heavy or tough project.

In general, cordless devices produce less noise than both gas and pneumatic nail guns. Especially, these are very suitable for your hard and heavy type of work. The manufacturers did not create these to handle high-volume nailing activities. If you want to do nailing using this nail gun, then it needs regular charging.

Gas-powered nailers are also cordless, so it conducts nailing activities through the use of combustion. The need for a gas cartridge and battery to supply the spark of a gas-powered nail gun is immense. In addition to your heavy and sturdy projects, you can safely use them where there is a lack of plenty of energy. The need for fuel and a rechargeable battery for gas-powered nail guns is immense.


If you want to get a modern nail gun, then pay attention to high-quality brands. In this case, we advise you to choose a reliable brand of equipment because they can provide you long-lasting service. If you avoid the brand issue when buying a nail gun, there is no guarantee that the tool will deliver better results.

Also, using a low-quality tool, you will not feel comfortable nailing. In general, there are some reputable companies that produce high-quality nail guns. You can rely on an advanced brand of nail guns for professional work or for any project of homeowners nailing. Among the high-quality and reliable brands of nailers available in the market, today are Dewalt, Hitachi, Milwaukee, Bostich


Lightweight nail guns are especially suitable for conducting nailing activities on any soft projects, including handicrafts. Ensure that you can hold the tool in your hand for a long time with ease and comfort. If your nail gun is lightweight, then you can carry the tool anywhere without any hassle.

In most cases, users try to avoid heavy nail guns. Conversely, lightweight equipment is more attractive to use. In this case, you can choose 7-8-pound nail guns because they are light enough. Since the importance of the weight of an ideal nailer is immense, consider the weight of a nail gun before buying it.

1. NuMax SFN64 Pneumatic Straight Finish Nailer

Good Side

Powerful and reliable equipment
Able to nail perfectly
Ensures improved service
High-quality nail gun

Not So Good Side

Nailing on hard and heavy projects is likely to bend after a while

This NuMax SFN64 Pneumatic Straight Finish Nailer is lightweight and made of durable aluminum It has an ergonomic grip handle that can give you a comfortable feeling. Basically, this tool helps you to get the perfect finish in both interior and exterior projects.

In general, it is especially suitable for nailing in all types of applications, including furniture, cabinets, stairs, shoes, and window coverings. With this modern nail gun, you will be able to adjust the depth of all projects.

In addition, it promises to ensure top-notch customer service and high-quality delivery. For example, if you need to do nailing anywhere from the roof of a house to the floor, you can safely use it.

In particular, manufacturers strictly control their quality to ensure improved customer service. Since it is a powerful and reliable tool, it is a great tool to provide long durability. This nail gun has all the necessary accessories for perfect nailing in your various crafts.


Capabilities- Especially suitable for depth adjustment in all applications.

Grip Handle- It has a grip handle, so it feels comfortable.

Material- Made of steel, it is especially suitable for extended durability.

Safety- It helps keep users completely safe while nailing.

2. Hitachi NP35A Pin Nailer 23 Gauge

Good Side

A great quality nail gun
Suitable for all applications
Able to provide more benefits
This tool is lightweight

Not So Good Side

It is not able to effectively eliminate jams

These Hitachi NP35A Pin Nailers are especially suitable for simplifying your nailing activities. With its Magazine, you will be able to automatically adjust the depth of projects of different sizes. If you nail with it, you can keep your brittle surfaces completely safe.

This nail gun is excellent for nailing any of your big projects. This nail gun has a visual reload indicator through which you will easily adjust the depth of the drive.

As it is lightweight, it provides more benefits to the users. You don’t have to face any problem carrying it. In general, it is especially suitable for cabinets, paneling, molding, and glazing beads. This nail gun comes with all kinds of accessories besides safety goggles.

In addition, these power tools are handy for your woodworking, metallic strength, concrete, and other applications. Since it is a top-notch tool so handy to meet your needs. If you are looking for a nail gun for professional work, then you can definitely choose it.


Dual Trigger- It has dual triggers to easily locate the right place for nailing and keep users safe.

Loading Process- Hassle-free quick and easy loading process.

Depth Adjustment- It adapts depth efficiently to all types of applications.

Efficacy- You will be able to remove the jam quickly by removing its nose plate.

3. WORKPRO Staple Gun, 6-in-1, Manual Brad Nailer

Good Side

It is jamming-resistant equipment
Made in a comfortable design
Suitable for saving time
Able to provide protection

Not So Good Side

Made of low-quality material

This WORKPRO Staple Gun, 6-in-1, Manual Brad Nailer, is very effective, so you can pay attention to it to adjust the depth. If you choose this powerful tool for nailing, you will not need to change the gun every few days.

Basically, since this tool has unique features, it will adjust the depth on the surfaces of both hard and soft materials. Typically, this is a hand-operated stapler that will allow you to successfully carry out stapling activities on all other projects, including small fences, and furnishings.

Not only that, it is beneficial for any of the above projects. There is no need to adjust your nails when conducting nailing activities with these staples. Also, this tool can carry patented methods that are very effective in preventing the jamming of your stapler. It takes a retractable handle-lock, so you will be able to store it in very little space. If you want to lock this tool, first remove the staples.

Also, it is made in a convenient and comfortable design, so it simplifies the process of loading and releasing your Magazine. Since the tool has a rubber grip, you feel comfortable in your hand, and it does not waste your time. As this nail gun weighs only 450 grams, it will be able to carry very easily everywhere.


6 in 1 function- It has 6 in 1 function, so it is suitable for any hard and heavy type projects.

Unique Design- It is made with a sophisticated tool and comfortable design, so users feel comfortable.

Dual Power Supplier- It has exceptional dual power levels that allow you to nail both soft and hard projects.

Ease of use- You can use this sophisticated nail gun in an easy way without any hassle.

4. Freeman PP123 Pneumatic Micro Pinner Ergonomic Nail Gun

Good Side

It is entirely compatible
Gives a comfortable feeling
Contains all the necessary accessories

Not So Good Side

It has no security lock

With this powerful nail gun, you can use it for trimming, craftwork, and glazing strips. This wind-powered nail gun is fully compatible with the above projects. Also, the weight of the equipment is very light as it is made with a balanced engine.

It has a comfortable grip handle, so using the nail gun will not make you feel tired even after working for a long time. This nail gun is durable, so it helps you to increase the control power of the tool.

This ensures that you place the pin in the right place to successfully handle the nailing process. So, if you want to use a nail gun for a long time, you can choose this great tool.

This modern nail gun comes with all kinds of accessories, i.e. a belt hook, safety goggles, and air tools oil, which helps perfect your nailing process. It has a safety trigger to protect the user from any accidents and provide the necessary protection.


Applications- It is ideal for nailing crafts and glazing strips, jewelry cases, assembly of picture frames, etc.

Comfortable- It has a grip handle which gives a comfortable feeling.

Compatibility- Generally, it is fully compatible with the said tool with 15/32 to 1 maximum gauge headless micro pins.

Efficacy- You can rely on it for use in all types of heavy and stiff projects.

5. Electric Brad Nailer, NEU MASTER NTC0040 Electric Nail Gun

Good Side

Suitable for soft and light projects
Effectively adjusts the depth
Accurate and perfect finishing
Ideal nail gun for various projects

Not So Good Side

It is somewhat inconsistent and may not provide the expected service

With this functional nail gun, you will succeed in nailing very perfectly in soft and light projects. In general, it is especially suitable for nailing on your indoor and outdoor projects, including any type of repair, or crafts. Since it is an ideal nail gun, you can choose it to adjust any space’s depth.

The special advantage of this nail gun is that if any defect occurs after purchase, the sellers will supply you with a new nail gun instead of repairing it.

You do not need a hose to use this tool. Its nose is made of rubber, so it is suitable for providing the perfect finish. The manufacturers have designed it with compatible power function design for the convenience of all users.


Adjustable Power- It is made with advanced quality functions to be fully compatible with any hard or soft projects.

Safe Equipment- If you need adequate protection, press the trigger attached to it.

Quality- Made of high-quality material so able to generate maximum energy.

Accessories- It comes with all the other necessary accessories, including foot socks.

6. DEWALT 5-in-1 Multi-tacker and Brad Nailer

Good Side

Be able to load in a very simple way
Suitable for all applications
It has a comfortable grip
Ensures user protection

Not So Good Side

It takes more time to do nails with it

You can easily load this DEWALT 5-in-1 Multi-tacker and Brad Nailer. This tool is effective for almost all applications and it is very lightweight. For any heavy project, you can rely on this powerful nail gun. This high-powered nail gun allows users to conduct nailing activities seamlessly.

Basically, with the integrated wire guide that comes with the tool, you will be able to nail the wire in the right way. It has a comfortable grip for easy refilling, which simplifies the loading process.

Also, this great nail gun is especially suitable for ensuring the safety of the users. It is always a user-friendly tool, so you can choose to adjust the depth.


Loading Process- You will be able to load it smoothly and very quickly.

High Quality- High-quality nail gun for suitable and long-term use.

Effectiveness- You will be able to use it for nailing in all types of applications.

Compatibility- This is perfect for adjusting the depth of your soft and hard projects.


Since crafts are light and soft-type projects, it is important to choose a suitable nail gun for nailing perfectly. The nail guns that effectively nail in the craft are ideal for your furniture, woodwork, and any other project. For all users and those who want to buy a nail gun, we have discussed the above best nail guns for crafts.

Hopefully, this article will help you to choose a great nail gun from among the above nail guns. Also, you can choose this NuMax SFN64 Pneumatic Straight Finish Nailer if you want to be sure about the advanced quality of only one nail gun to buy.


What type of nail gun should I choose?

Generally, there are three types of nail guns available, each of which should choose a nail gun according to the work type.

What is the difference between Pin Nailer and Brad Nailer?

Pin Nailers are small in size, so you will be able to nail them very finely in your project. On the other hand, Brad Nailers are larger in size and have different heads in most cases.

Can I rent a nail gun?

Yes, you can rent a nail gun for nailing and repairing some things. If you need that tool every day, buy a suitable nail gun because it is expensive to rent daily.

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