The 5 Best Nail Gun For Building Furniture Of 2023

Choosing a suitable nail gun is a tough task. Even when a nail gun is chosen, many disadvantages may force a user to replace it.

However, our experts have researched the market to alleviate your stress and pick the best nail gun to build furniture. KIMO 20V is the best pick for you to make building furniture.


KIMO 20V Cordless Brad Nail Gun

Brand: K I M O

Weight: 6.2 pounds

Dimensions: 14.65 x 11.26 x 4.09 inches


Hitachi NT50AE2 Brad Nail Gun

Brand: Hitachi

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Size: 5/8-Inch to 2-Inch


Metabo HPT Pneumatic Brad Nailer

Brand: Metabo HPT

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Dimensions: 10 x 2 x 9 inches

5 Best Nail Guns for Building Furniture

Nail guns come with different features and different advantages. Some of the top nail guns for building furniture list are given below:

1. KIMO 20V Cordless Brad Nail Gun

Good Side

Nails 750 brads at one charge
Led Lighting
Convenient operations
Powerful and longer than others

Not So Good Side

Not to use on vinyl siding

We suggest that KIMO 20V is the top nail gun. If you are having trouble handling nail guns with a cord, then this should be chosen. Many people find it difficult to work with cables as those can only serve up to a certain distance.

Also, in a place where no power socket is available, the cord nail guns are useless. This nail gun has no cords attached; thus it will serve you the way you need. This is one of the top nailers for woodworking.

Besides, you’ll find the Lithium-Ion battery that is being used to operate the nail gun. Luckily, the battery is treated as more powerful than others for its fast charging ability. Moreover, it can run for a long time without creating any issues.

This gun can staple and nail at the same time with a minimum of noise. The IMO 20V nail gun provides all the potential functions that a user may ask for.

Key Features:

Battery Life- Average battery life of the KIMO 20V is 2 years which is quite decent than other nail guns within this price range.

Feature- It has a nailer and stapler feature that made it a winner among others.

Performance- It is capable of driving 80 nails every minute which is expected for a wide range of nailing and other jobs as well.

Cordless gun- KIMO 20V is a cordless nail gun.

Weight- As KIMO 20V is light in weight, it will not add extra load to carry or lift the nail gun while working.

Fast Charging- Fast charging enables it to work without any additional breaks during work time. Charging KIMO 20V during lunch break is enough to support you for the rest of the day.

2. Hitachi NT50AE2 18-Gauge Brad Nail Gun

Good Side

360 degrees’ adjustable depth
Lightweight aluminum body
Reduces user fatigue

Not So Good Side

Bump-fire may cause accidents
Cannot be used for stapling

Hitachi NT50AE2 is a great tool to work with nails. If you want total control over nailing, then Hitachi NT50AE2 is the tool for you. However, it’ll make a way to adjust the nail’s depth according to your satisfaction. So, problems like the tail of the nail being opened on the other side of the wall will not occur with this nail gun.

Hitachi NT50AE2 can perform two jobs. It can drive nails. If needed, it can remove nails as well. If any nail is displaced or jammed, you do not have to find additional tools. Hitachi NT50AE2 will come to the rescue. Hitachi NT50AE2 is a great product that features many other functions.

Key Features:

Weight- It weighs only 2.2 pounds. So, NT50AE2 does not cost additional energy to work with.

Construction- Handles are made of elastomer, so less chance of slipping.

Power sources- It is powered by air or gas substances that are convenient.

Feature- The nail gun provides a dual powering option. Users may define inter-mitten power or continuous power based on usage. Besides, it also comes with bump-fire features. NT50AE2 can fire automatically when in contact with the wall.

3. Metabo HPT 18-Gauge Pneumatic Brad Nailer

Good Side

No external electricity or battery
The exhaust port can rotate 360 degrees
Visual nail reloaded

Not So Good Side

Can’t drive nails less than 5/8”

Nail guns are usually run by electricity. Some may run by cable and some by batteries. Both of these have limitations.

Either they cannot be used after a certain distance or only perform for a certain period of time. The Metabo HPT Brad Nailer runs on air. So, it overcomes the barriers that other nail guns face.

The HPT brad nailer provides a 5-year warranty. If you face any difficulties using the product or the project malfunctions, then the HPT brad nailer can easily be replaced. The warranty period is longer than the user, as it usually does not malfunction at all. So, HPT Brad nailer is trustworthy.

Key Features:

Versatility- Metabo HPT can nail different size brads that ensure more precision on work.

Avoid scratches- The nail gun leaves a no-mar tip. So, the surface where the nail is driven does not get any additional scratches.

Actuation- The nail gun comes with selective actuation that allows selecting the bump fire.

Adjustability- The depth of the Metabo nail is adjustable. No additional tool is needed to adjust the depth.

4. PORTER-CABLE BN200C Brad Nailer Kit

Good Side

Runs by air
Longer use tool
Perfect for any surface
Maintenance-free motor
Removable non-marring tip

Not So Good Side

Can’t be used as a staple

The PORTER-CABLE BN200C comes with a lightweight yet strong body. The firing point of the nail gun is smooth. As a result, you won’t find any scratches or stains on the surface after extensive working hours. The BN200C will show signs when running out of nails.

The user will get information about when to reload the nail gun. It removes the danger of damaging the gun with an empty shell in the action. A carrying case comes with a nail gun that reduces the chances to leave the nail gun behind.

Key Features:

Power source- You can be relaxed with this tool as it runs using the air. The nose tip can be removed or attached as needed

Indicator- The nail reload indicator reduces the pressure to check the remaining nail number over and over again

Features- BN200C provides a bump-fire feature, so the user can work for a long time with ease. So, you can easily control the nailing capability of this gun.

5. NEU Master N6013 Electric Staple Gun

Good Side

Adjustable power source
Works with 120V
Polypropylene is a good insulator

Not So Good Side

Not suitable for baseboard molding

When working on a DIY project, you must need both a staple and a nail gun. This NEU master staple gun saves your time and money to get those. It will serve both the purposes you need. It is the best gun for DIY.

NEU can drive nails of different dimensions. Starting from 3/8” to 18 gauge, any nail can be driven without any hesitation with this single tool.

Safety is a big issue while working with nail guns. This gun provides a contact safety switch to ensure the safety of the user.

Key Features:

Versatility- DIY projects need different sizes of nails to be driven. NEU alone can get the job done. Besides, it can serve as a nail gun as well as a staple gun.

Compressor- NEU does not require an additional air compressor to work. NEU runs with direct electricity.

Availability- They do not repair the product if broken. They change the product and provide the customer with a new product.

Power- However, you can adjust the power knob for different kinds of materials. So, it’s a convenient staple gun.

Safety- The nailing gun ensures safety through a safety switch that prevents firing.

How to Buy a Perfect Nail Gun for Building Furniture?


When you are going to get a nail gun for building furniture, some factors need to be considered based on your usage. The nail gun with the best rating might be useless for the work you want to perform.

Power Supply

The power supply is very crucial to operating the nail gun and should be considered precisely. However, plenty of nail guns are available in the market for different purposes. It can run by direct electricity, battery, or air.

If you want to work at a remote place or far away from your house, then a cord nail gun is useless. If you work for a long time, then a battery nail gun might not support it. Due to these reasons, you should always look for the power supply method of your nail gun.

Bump Fire

Additional features of nail guns might make your life easier. For example, many nail guns come with a bump-fire feature. If you need to run hundreds of nails a day, it would be the best feature to look for in a nail gun. It will drive the nails automatically once it gets attached to the surface.

Thus, your fingers would not have to face all the hustles that a regular nail gun causes. You should always look for these additional features before buying a nail gun.


The strength of the nail gun might be controlled by some nail guns. You should pick a nail gun with the right strength or a nail gun with adjustable strength.


Safety is one of the best and must-have features while working with nail guns. You should have safety switches installed in the nail gun. Features like the bump fire feature are great, but it is dangerous as well.

If a human body comes close to the gun’s front side, it will drive a pin in the human body. To prevent these, you need to have safety switches available in your nail gun.


Choosing a nail gun based on user ratings or reviews might not always get you the best product. We have narrowed it down to the 5 nail guns for building furniture review where KIMO 20V Nail Gun is our best pick for you. You should read the buying guide carefully to make an educated guess.


What kind of nail gun do you use for shelves?

A finishing nailer should be your pick in order to make shelves. You might face issues while trying to attach vertical plywood. Other than that, a finishing nailer would do a great job.

What is an 18-gauge brad nailer used for?

It is mainly used to attach thin objects or sheets to thick objects.

Should I get a 16 or 18-gauge nailer?

You should pick 16 gauge nails. The 18 gauge is thinner than the 16 gauge nails. If you use 18 gauge nails, then you will need a higher number of nails. In terms of 16 gauge nails, it can hold more strength with fewer nails than 18 gauge.

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