10 Best Car Interior Cleaners You Can Explore In 2023

Like skin care, your precious, loving auto deserves the best car interior cleaner support. Every month we spend hours inside our cars. Jobs to travel, kids to picnic its interior also feel tired, became untidy, nasty, sticky, and cried for proper cleaning. From online to local stores, car interior cleaners are available.

But sometimes, it seems confusing as there are hundreds of options. So, we tried exploring the top 10 best interior car cleaners for your convenience in this post. Of course, they are not jacks of all trades. But in the automotive market, they achieved remarkable trust and goodwill among significant consumers.

Top Picks of 10 Best Cleaners for Car Interior

Exploring a dependable best car dashboard cleaner is challenging, like a moto GP race! So, you are welcome to try it and look at our best picks for your adorable car.

1. Chemical Guys SPI109 Car Interiors Cleaner: BEST OVERALL

Good Side

Long-lasting leather smell
The product is easy to use
The conditioner lasts for weeks at a time
Leather conditioners that make old leather softer and more supple and bring it back to its original color

Not So Good Side

The scent is a little outdoorsy

All are not equal. If you are wondering about a one-stop interior solution such as leather bags, car interiors, leather apparel cleaning to furniture new life, try Chemical Guys SPI109. 

Balanced ph., effective cleaning ingredients, attractive long-time presence, many applications, and fast action proved how loyal a friend it can be to your necessity and concern. 

But, Professional car interior cleaner Chemical Guys SPI109 isn’t some miracle cream that will get your things perfect overnight. Be consistent. Apply it every week or so, and the weather returns to life.

Make sure you read the instructions before you use them.

Cleaner/conditioner offers a great job, even on older leather seats! The product is easy to use. You can use it on your car seat and bags, and they will shine like new. Try also on leather products, and sooner or later, the leather will be soft and supple.

Chemical Guys, bring this stuff. The kit contains the leather cleaner, conditioner, and a horsehair brush, and all you have to do is provide some microfiber Terry cloths and some elbow work! 

Easy to use; cleaning is practical as well; conditioner even makes better! Use the cleaner as directed and enjoy your almost new pieces of stuff!

Pro Tip: Never forget to test in a small area before first use. It will help you to avoid any unwanted results.

2. Chemical Guys SPI220 Total Interior Cleaner: RUNNER UP FOR TOTAL INTERIOR

Good Side

Fast Drying
Get the dirt and dust off and make the interior smell nice
Nongreasy cleaner

Not So Good Side

A bit pricy

Imagine. You have an all-rounder interior assistant. Interior cleaning to the protection, it is always ready to assist. Vehicles from large to small trucks to motorcycles, you can rely on the Chemical Guys SPI220 for many reasons.

What material challenges you? Wood, rubber, or leather? No excuse. They will obey you as SPI220 knows well how to deal with them. Care and pressure its two powerful weapons to handle any spot, stain, or unwanted nasty enemy for your car interior.

Where can you use it? The list is long. You can use this ninja cleaner to use your dashboard navigator screen, plastic, any leather material, and carpet cloth.

It has effective UV protection materials. No more concern for sensitive materials as it addresses with caring formula.

Long life duration made it more practical. This product can make your car look better with a thorough cleaning. Get the dirt and dust off your vehicle and make the interior smell nice.

Chemical Guys SPI220 is bright enough to completely deep clean the interior of old vehicles. This product makes sure every surface looks new again.

For regular wipe-downs, this guy can be your trusted buddy. 

What we like about this spray is its smell and the fact that it isn’t greasy. We also love that you can use this on the windows.

3. Armor All 17497C Cleaning Wipes: VERSATILE CHOICE

Good Side

Safe Remove Stubborn Scuffs and Stains
Better than most detergents
Reasonable price

Not So Good Side

Dry out fast

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You heard the word ‘one man army’. It’s true for our lone warrior Armor, all 1749C cleaning wipes. Carpet to the fabric knows well how to fight dirt with zero tolerance. It’s special. It’s for cars. 

Why is it unique? Let’s go for a drive to discover the truth! There are some specific reasons, such as lint-free wipes, no dry-out issue, no greasy hands experience, car damage or fade preventer, and fast cleaning. These are some remarkable advantages that no car lover can ignore.

You can clean car services and not leave a residue. Keep a container in your car at all times. Once per week, do a quick wipe-down of the interior. Enjoy brand new inside for a long time.

The smell is okay, but you get a lot in here, and it’ll take a little for you to go through this, even with regular use. 

These wipes are a must-have for every car owner. But, if you have kids rummaging around in the backseat, you will surprise at the messy situations they seem to create! 

These wipes are perfect for those more stubborn food stains and foot scuffs. Additionally, these are great for quick removing dashboard dust buildup in one stroke — whereas the rag/water method seems to create little “dust storms.”

Armor All 17497C clean off the nastiest stuff.

4. Meguiar’s G13616SP Interior Cleaner: CAR OWNERS SLEEK CHOICE

Good Side

No greasy residue
It cleans and leaves a pleasant, clean scent
Great for leather seats

Not So Good Side

Strong smell

From home to office, shopping to travel, we spent a lot of our time in our adorable cars. But unfortunately, in the question of cleanliness, the interior surfaces often face adversity, for example, dirt, dust, manufactured wastes, and more. 

Besides, pets and children add more unexpected trouble.

Meguiar’s G13616SP Interior Cleaner can be your best cleaner for car interior spray.

You can use MeGuiar’s on your vehicles as well because it isn’t greasy and smelly like others. For home appliances, this guy is a genius. Good in the house. Cleans and protects excellent.

Use a damp microfiber to pick up dust from the car’s interior surfaces, like the dashboard and door-side armrests. Then use this product. 

It may not leave any residue or shine but will make your interior look like it did when the car was new. 

The fact that you can use this on anything in your car. It will declare war and remove all kinds of dirt from your vehicle. It saves you money if you want to clean your car yourself.

We love that it dries flat….no greasy shine. Meguiar’s is an excellent product for quick cleaning.

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5. 303 Interior Cleaner: BEST BUDGET

Good Side

The scent is excellent, and it cleans minor stains
Easy to put on
It lasts a long time

Not So Good Side

Don’t work on the windshield

Last but not least, our last action hero, 303 Interior Cleaner. Affordable yet action-packed. Ready to accept the challenge of cleaning any surface? Touch screen lover including LCD.

Bonus point residue free!

It has multi-performance power to work on different platforms like doors, windows, carpets massive auto interiors.

Moreover, it works as a safeguard for electronics.  

Do you know it can clean your Tesla model Y! Yes? The Interior, seats, and dashboard will support you like a loyal friend. This cleaner is pretty compelling, and the price is on point.

All around, a good spray. It will take care of your seat stains with a few dabs.

Yet, it may still make your plastic floor coverings slippery, but nowhere near as bad as other competitors. Also, it is clean and smells good, not overpowering!

The cleaner can Do an excellent job of cleaning mild soiled areas. Great at a maintenance item for well-cared-for interiors.

303 Interior Cleaners is good, especially if you have an Audi or Infiniti/Nissan product. You can use it on most surfaces.

Fantastic for cleaning dust out of a car and wiping off dirty seats. Use this spray with microfiber cloths to clean the interior of your vehicle. And you will recommend it more. Your car will look much better, and this won’t discolor anything or leave a lingering smell.

This cleaner is clean without gloss, like another cleaner. It will give you a very light sea breeze smell.

You can clean every surface in your car with this except on glass or gauge bezel-type glasses.

6. Chemical Guys SPI663 InnerClean Interior Quick Detailer

Good Side

Convenient and easy to use
No shiny, oily feel
It has an SPF so that your dashboard and steering wheel and other parts don’t get damaged by the sun

Not So Good Side

Streaks or watermarks issue, especially on plastic surfaces

Are you tired of your loving car’s body oils, dust, and specks of dirt? Do you want a fast, easy-to-follow interior cleaner with good protection? Then, explore Chemical Guys SPI663 and enjoy stunning conditions.

What makes it different from competitors? Let’s know more! Superior UV protection support, effective OEM presence, and ceramic protection proved the guy reliable for interior cleaning issues.

People who are searching for an interior cleaner that works great, doesn’t streak, won’t dry out services, and can get out normal wear, and tear can try this champ. This product will blow them away. It will make the car’s plastic inside and out look brand new.

We especially liked that the surfaces (esp touch screens or gloss surfaces) leave dust free for quite a while. Very convenient and easy-to-use product indeed.

But don’t forget to follow the directions to use a microfiber cloth to buff it out.

SPI 663 smells excellent, cleans, and protects without a shiny, oily feel. Enjoy great smells and leave the interior of your car clean stream free. The cleaner can be your favorite car detailing product.

We also like SPI663 for its nongreasy and applies streak-free nature, even on clear plastic (always use a microfiber cloth).

This spray makes it easy work to clean the interior. With a couple of sprays and a swipe of a microfiber towel, your car’s surfaces will be clean of dirt, debris, dust, and some sticky residue from coffee or tea. Also, it will leave the dashboard clean but still matte!

7. Griot’s 10956 Interior Cleaner

Good Side

Attractive price
Easy to use
Remove stains quickly
Leave no residue or streaks

Not So Good Side

Not for professional use
Not the best for glass

If you want to see your car always ready to challenge others in the interior cleaner war. Griot’s 10956 Interior Cleaner can be a great weapon. It prevents repeated residue. 

So, no more dirt attraction. From hard surfaces to sensitive interior fabrics, it ensures a complete solution that you can depend without concern. 

Are you thinking of using it for your sweet home cleaning challenges? Go for it with a smile! Unfortunately, you are not a lover of scent. The good news for you as this product comes unscented.

Another benefit to using the Griot’s interior cleaner is that it’s a clear liquid without all the added dyes that can stain the more delicate interior surfaces. Several products out on the market perform well, but the manufacturers go a little overboard on the coloring of their products.

This cleaner warrior cleans stains off the red leather with ease with no scent, but we always recommend using a damp cloth after, in case.

We love Griots. It’s fantastic. But we prefer only to use it as a car owner, not a professional detailer.

It will be a little bit difficult for you as a professional to use this daily.

Your car surface is safe with the Griot’s 10956 Interior Cleaner, as it is free from harmful dyes or additives. You can use this small assistant for many projects like door panels, seats, carpets, shoes to fabrics. 

We like the size of the bottle, plenty of product to take care of many cars. The trigger and spray nozzle is closer to what you would get on a good reusable bottle. The cleaner does its job Without leaving any smears behind, with a nice clean surface.

You can clean your car seats and remove all the minor stains, even hard-to-clean sunscreen. 

No More Smudges. Dust first, then apply Griot according to directions, and the dash, seats, and door panels will be ready for a finished product of your choice.

Use this on furniture plus all the usual places inside the car. It freshens up odors and works. It’s a great cleaner that doesn’t cause any fading or discoloration of any sort.

This product cleans well with some detailing brushes.

Be sure you test a spot that’s out of sight. And if you don’t like that it takes off that product, then don’t use it!

8. Armor 10831 Car Interior Cleaner Wipes

Good Side

Leave no residue
Practice whenever you need, and it will keep everything fresh
These wipes work with care
Clean good for car

Not So Good Side

The scent is strong

Are you an orange scent lover? You believe in proper cleaning with ease and prefer disposable wipes. You like a natural matt finish as it suits your personality and style. All are true. So, the Armor 10831 best smelling car interior cleaner wipes can be your loyal vehicle friend. 

This good stuff can defeat grime, dust to dirt with zero tolerance. Its gentle lint-free nature never allows your hands to experience greasy residue.

No dry-out concern. May you wonder about the damage or fade issue? Peace! It will never happen.

We love how inexpensive those wipes are and how they can make a car a nice sleek look! Armor All also make a cleaning wipe! We recommend using the cleaning wipe & then following up with the protectant wipes.

If you intend to perform a whole car cleaning project like leather, consoles, carpet, fabric, vinyl, dash, and more, this little agent can show the magic! These wipe up grunge and seem to help repel dust. They even work to wipe down a “cloth” car seat.

Depending on the mess and amount you clean up, they may not dry out over time in your glove box. 

These wipes work well, smell nice, and are inexpensive. We love how we can tuck these away for easy grab and go. Keep vehicles fresh & like new.

9. Meguiar’s G14716 Car Interior Cleaner

Good Side

Useful for both inside and outside the vehicle
It lasts a long time
Great for any rubber, plastic, or leather

Not So Good Side

The spray bottle needs improvement

Suppose you are an economy-conscious car owner and always believe in quality at a reasonable price. In that case, Meguiar’s G14716 Car Interior Cleaner can be worth a product to try as it always tries to make a balance without compromising performance in the operation of the car interior.

You love your car. But after a period and exposure to the sun, your unique car rubber can lose its glory. A car interior is as sensitive as human skin. You need to pay special attention to ensure its long glowing life. As a caring agent, Meguiar’s G14716 Car Interior Cleaner can be your proper selection for many reasons.

Let’s explore more.

One thing we like about meguiar’s is they keep it excellent and straightforward. Other competitors got too many products. It’s confusing.

The Meguiar’s G14716 works well and leaves surfaces feeling new and clean. 

It’s an excellent product for quick maintenance wipe-down, so keep a bottle in your car between deep cleans.

Car owners use Meguiar’s products for various vehicles; their “Quick interior detailer” works like magic for the inside of cars. It cleans the interior trims and panels and doesn’t leave an oily look on the vehicle, especially with shiny plastics. 

Meguiar’s G14716 requires interior detail to restore the interior to its original appearance and is better when maintaining the protection + look, in our opinion. But you would need the spray and a microfiber cloth.

We also like the new regular’s new car scent protectant, which is like the natural shine but smells new.

It can work both inside and outside the vehicle. It lasts a long time. Meguiar’s G14716 keeps the plastic from drying out and going gray. You can blend it with black paint well—the best for plastics and rubber and not super expensive.

If you want a high-performer interior cleaner, try it. Great for the interior! It leaves your car with a lovely sheen, not too matte or shiny.

10. Mothers 18324 Interior Detailer

Good Side

Easy to use
Provide an excellent wet shine

Not So Good Side

Doesn’t last that long

What’s in a name? But it’s not always true. Like a caring mum, this loving Mother’s 18324 Interior Detailer always pays special attention to your car. 

It wipes out all unwanted dirt, fingerprints, and streaks and ensures neat surfaces. Nature-like spray and instant wipe in a moment. No matter what type of interior surface, it never misses its cleaning-killing mission.

Well done, Mothers! We like the way that the VLR did not leave a greasy, fake shine like other competitors. Will it hide / remove scuffs / scratches? Yes, it is. It never misses its target.

We like the speed spray works well. 

If you are looking for an interior cleaner for your car, this does the trick. It’s really simple. All you do is a spray, wipe, and the game is over! It leaves the interior of the car to look brand new again.

We like this tire shine the best because it doesn’t get all over your car once you apply it to your tires! It has a great smell to it as well. Excellent quality stays on the tire for a long time, even when it rains. 

If you want something easy to apply that makes the tires look clean but not over shiny. This product can do the trick.

Another good point is this is a water base shine.

A car isn’t clean until the tire shine. So, the car runs better when cleaned. This product keeps it shining better than others. Quick to put on and smells good. She doesn’t sling too much if given time to sit. It lasts a week or until the next wash.

It’s a straightforward interior cleaner for your car. All you do is a spray, wipe, and the game is over! Leave the interior of the car looking brand new again.

Value for your money. The product works and does not run off onto your paint.

This tire shine allows sprays on and never harms your rims. Besides, it puts a glossy sheen on the tires that dries, so it doesn’t spray on the side of the car. The polish looks excellent lasts pretty well and doesn’t seem to collect road grime.

Final Words

Think for a while and consider all pros and cons. Your car deserves proper care. Price, quality, quantity, feedback, and budget must consider before making a logical decision.

Select your best car interior cleaner following all data you collect. I hope our top choices show you a guideline to do it without trouble. Thank you for your precious time looking at our professional car interior cleaning products and exploring the truth.

All-purpose leather cleaners, liquid protectants, and surface cleaners are all listed here. Take your time and compare which can suit your delicate car. Then, have an incredible interior cleaner choice journey for your loving car!

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