4 Best Base Coat Spray Guns in 2023

Spray guns are always the best companion of a painter but choosing this essential component from all the products on the market is so time costly. Don’t worry, we have come up with the 4 best base coat spray guns, and found the best one- Master Pro 44 Series Spray Gun.

Our Top 3 Picks


Master Pro 44 Series HVLP Spray Gun

Brand: Master Airbrush

Weight: 2.53 pounds

Dimensions: 9.17 x 6.38 x 5.31 inches


PNTGREEN HVLP Base Coats Spray Gun 


Weight: 2.16 pounds
Dimensions: 8.98 x 5.08 x 5 inches


Goplus HVLP Set- 3 Air Spray Gun

Brand: Goplus

Weight: 13 pounds

Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 7 inches

List of The 4 Base Coat Spray Gun

Our team of experts has gone through all the products and come up with the best one for you that’ll make you efficient in your work and will cost you less time in doing your job perfectly. So, why are we waiting? Let’s dive into it, and see the products, and their capabilities.

How to Find the Suitable Coat Spray Gun

Finding a suitable product is always a hassle for new customers or those who don’t know where to focus.

Our whole team has done the research and gone through the products for you and picked the focused points where you can learn about where to focus to buy base coat spray guns. So, are you ready? I guess you are. So, let’s dive into learning.

Nozzle Size

Nozzle sizes vary from product to product. Most of the time, it gets larger and sometimes thinner. It’s up to you what kind of nozzle you want. If you want to work on a large wall or canvas then go for the largest nozzle, and if your work is critical, then choose the thinnest one that will make your work perfect.

Tank size

Tank size is really important. Because depending on it, the efficiency will change. If you want to paint a wall go with the larger tank, and if you want to work with the small things, and want to keep usage low then go with the light tanks.


It comes in use in small things where you require low pressure to take out the perfect result. You have to be concerned about the pressure in those places, and in buying products if you do these works.

Components Used in Manufacturing 

Aluminum is one of the key components in manufacturing these products. Avoid plastic because you will have to do heavy work; moreover, designs play a great role here- look out for the pivot-designed products. It’ll provide you the comfort.

1. Master Pro 44 Series HVLP Base Coat Spray Gun – The Most Advanced Spray Gun 

Master Pro 44 Series HVLP Base Coat Spray Gun

Are you in search of a reliable, and the most effective spray gun? And you arrived at the right location. Master Pro Spray Gun won’t let you down because it has proved its worth by providing exclusive services to its user. What are the features that make it so advanced? Let’s find out.


Air Pressure Regulator- It’s a dedicated air pressure regulator. What makes it more reliable while doing work with it, and provides the best paint.

Advanced Precision- It has made with the right and edge precision which makes it the perfect companion for a professional. So, if you are choosing it for professional work then this will be the best for that precision that will provide you comfort in every situation.

2. PNTGREEN HVLP Spray Gun for Base Coat – Best Budget Automotive Paint Gun

PNTGREEN HVLP Spray Gun for Base Coat

Running low on budget but want the best out of the spray gun? We have researched, and come up with the perfect product that will provide you with the best service without cutting your pocket.

Welcome, PNTGREEN Spray Gun- automotive hvlp spray gun– with 1.4 mm Tip for Base Coats, Metallic Paint, and Whole Car Spraying- this is the most efficient solution in this situation.


Versatile- It has high versatility in the work category. So, if you are a professional of highly versatile painting service then jump into it. You will find your work getting easy.

Adjustable fan pattern- Professionals need Adjustable fans to provide different types of coating, and this product is providing the flexibility of doing that work within the right time, and in the right way without changing the tools. This can be a great tool for your inventory if you want to do a long-term job.

3. TCP Global® Spray Gun – Best Spray Gun with Gravity Feed Auto Basecoat

TCP Global® Spray Gun

Concerned about the air regulator of the spray gun? Thinking of buying or shifting to a brand new spray gun? Don’t worry, we have the best solution for you- TCP Global® Spray Gun.

It’s capable of regulating air and providing flawless service than any other product. So, are you interested? Let’s find out in the feature section.


Dedicated Controls- This product has dedicated control nobs for adjusting various work properties including spray pattern, fluid control, air pressure, etc.

Professional Component- This spray gun has a full bufflehead assembly. Do you know what it can do? I can provide a consistent, and atomized spray pattern that will make your work look smooth & professional.

4. Goplus Air Spray Gun Set – The Best Basecoat Spray Combo Ever

Goplus Air Spray Gun Set

We all know that just one spray gun for every kind of work can’t fit perfectly. If you want different but related sprays for doing different kinds of work, then don’t worry.

We have picked the best combo ever- Goplus Air Spray Gun Set- Auto Paint, Basecoat, Primer & Touch-Up w/Carrying Case. Interesting, let’s know about it more.


Durable Material- The company used pivot designs, and aluminum to provide a great user experience, lightweight, and durability which makes it suitable for long-term projects, and interesting crafting which can make your work more efficient.

Versatile Work Base- It has 3 different kinds of nozzles which enlarge its work base to a new level. Provides smooth, and professional finish in versatile works, and flexibility in doing the deep finish. It’s an all-in-one product; so, carrying it to the workplace is the solution to half of your work itself.


You have gone through all the information you needed for our review of the 4 best base coat spray guns. Have you picked Master Pro 44 Series Spray Gun as the champion?

I guess you have. Great, so, you have learned how to pick the right product for your right work. Congratulations on achieving these capabilities, and making yourself a smart decision-maker.


Why should you use spray guns?

It provides an easy way of painting objects. It has a few designed components that help you to get the perfect result in less time.

What’s the suitable pressure?

It depends. You should do as told in the list, and what you think is perfect for achieving your work. You should avoid extra pressure on small objects.

Are the mentioned sprays work with any coating?

We have to say almost every coating. However, you can see the technical datasheet for reconfirming the information.

Is using lubricant mandatory on spray guns?

No, but you should do it. It’ll make it more efficient, and provide it in a certain component where it needs the most.

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